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Cooking with Lava.

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Summer Cocktail

Seafood Shacks

Flip Flops & Seafood Shacks

Twenty East Coast seafood houses the pros love and have stood the test of time serving their signature dishes for decades.

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Summer Cocktail


Vermouth Gets a Leading Role

Sure Vermouth works well in a cocktail, but it's delicious on its own and the best value aperitif on the market.

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Summer Cocktail


Ceviche Tips & Recipes

Chef Sam Gorenstein, the owner of My Ceviche in Miami, provides tips for making ceviche and gives us two recipes to try.

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Summer Cocktail


Boozing in the Summer Heat

The lazy days of summer call for easy-breezy, refreshing cocktails.

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Summer Cocktail

Hanover, PA

Worth The Drive | Crabbs Tropical Treat

It's s a throw-back 1950s drive-in diner that's only open in the summer.

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