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Dive in deep with the new Find. Eat. Drink. Guide iPhone App, the first travel guide curated by the world’s top chefs, bartenders, sommeliers and other food world luminaries. Every restaurant, bar, coffee spot, food shop and market comes with the endorsement from an industry pro.

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Advice from the pros wherever you are: the Find. Eat. Drink. app

“The advice, some of it very passionate, doesn’t come from Joe Blow but from the likes of Alex Day, of Proprietors LLC and Death & Co., or Ana Sortun, chef-owner of Oleana near Boston.”


Tech | Download This: Find. Eat. Drink. App

“If you've ever settled for an average meal after getting lost in a new city (and believing Yelp reviewers), this guide will steer you clear of any less-than-stellar establishments.”


Download Now: Find. Eat. Drink. For iPhone

“We love it when we can get opinions from an industry insider... the Find. Eat. Drink. app (free for iPhone) provides a depth of content we can't help but get excited about.”


App Of the Day | Find. Eat. Drink.: Gorge Yourself Like the Pros

“What secret recommendations are the people who prep your food keeping in their back pockets? Find. Eat. Drink. will divulge them.... Who knows better where to fill your gut than the people making a living off of filling it?”



Plan an Epic Night on the Town With These Adventurous Apps

“When picking a restaurant or bar, listen to the experts. Instead of relying on star ratings from total strangers, F.E.D. gives you recommendations from chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers.”


20 Fun and Useful New Mobile Apps

“As someone always on the prowl for killer foodie mobile apps, F.E.D. has leaped to the top of my current rotation.”


The Best Apps for Last-Minute Dining

“Apps have made critics of us all, which generally seems like a good thing until you’re stuck scrolling through the latest novel-length Yelp review about dim sum. That’s where F.E.D. comes in: In lieu of reviews by mere mortals, notable food folk single out restaurants, bars, even food markets. ”


The Best Ways To Research Out Of Town Restaurants

“Thankfully, there are some new crowdsourcing sites that might just rise to the level of expertise most foodies seek. Find. Eat. Drink. is a free iPhone app that culls recommendations from chefs, sommeliers, and bartenders from around North America, Europe, and the Caribbean.”


App of the Week

“Deciding on a place to eat can be overwhelming, especially when you are relying on recommendations from others. Find. Eat. Drink. promises to be fair because its recommendations are written by chefs, bartenders, and even wine experts.”


Tech Detective -- Best Foodie Apps

“This app caters to people who want to know what food insiders would eat. It involves opinions from 700 different insiders: chefs, bartenders, sommeliers. I love that the tips are super insidery in nature and I love how specific it gets. It make you feel like you are local.”