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Scott’s Margarita

Recipe courtesy of Scott Baird | Trick Dog Bar

The first important thing with a Margarita is you need to shake the hell out of it. You have to shake it really hard, but briefly. You don’t get too much water in it, but you do you want that frothy mixed up aeration.

A hint of sweetness is one of the things that makes it balanced drink . It goes to your mouth, it’s a little sweet. It crossed the palate with the acidity, maybe some bitterness from the citrus oils and you get any kind of umami that might be in the spirit and then it goes away. It leaves a dry quality and you want it again. If you don’t have that hint of sweet in the beginning you are missing the ride.


Serves 1

Glass: Cocktail Coupe

Garnish: Lime Slice


- 2 oz Tequila Ocho

- 1 oz Combier Triple Sec Liqueur

- 3/4 oz fresh lime juice

- Kosher salt (for rim)

Cocktail Directions

1) Salt half the rim of a cocktail coupe and chill it with ice.

2) In a cocktail shaker, add ingredients, then fill with ice.

3) Shake really hard and strain into the chilled coupe.

4) Garnish with a lime slice.