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Recommended By

- Winemaker Steve Matthiasson (Matthiasson Wines, Napa Valley, CA)

- Sommelier Etheliya Hananova (Lawrence in Montreal, QC)



Wine Producer

33 Healdsburg Avenue, Unit I
Healdsburg CA 95448

T: 707.433.2400

By appointment only, call to schedule a visit.



Photographs courtesy of Arnot-Roberts



Arnot-Roberts is a joint venture between Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Roberts. High-quality grapes are picked at the perfect point of phenolic and sugar ripeness.

Photo Credit: Eric Wolfinger

This results in relatively low alcohol levels, and the wines possess a capacity for aging while remaining accessible in their youth. The winery has built its reputation on their Syrahs, which have a Northern Rhône-like quality, and their classic style of Cabernet Sauvignon. The unexpected wine in their lineup is a Trousseau made in minuscule quantities; a beautiful, spicy, and fresh expression of the grape.

Winemakers Recs | Wine

Ceritas  Pinot Noir | Failla Syrah | Porter Creek Estate Pinot Noir


They make some excellent chardonnay and pinot noir.



Their estate syrah is one of my favorite syrahs.


Porter Creek

Their estate pinot noir is very good.



They make great pinot noir, syrah and chardonnay.


[See details.]


Winemakers Recs | Wine Country

The Food at Peter Lowell’s

Photographs courtesy of Peter Lowell’s

Eat | Restaurants

Sebastopol | Peter Lowell’s

For Italian food.

Healdsburg | Scopa

Also for Italian food.

[See details.]


Winemakers Recs | San Francisco

Nopalito | A16 | Bar Tartine

Photographs courtesy of Nopalito | A16 | Bar Tartine

Find | Wine Stores

Arlequin Wine Merchant

It’s a terrific wine shop.

Eat | Restaurants

In San Francisco, we like:

- A16

- Bar Tartine

- Flour And Water


- Nopalito

- Quince

[See details.]

Recommendation Details

Details of their recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Northern California.

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