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Q & A


The Guthrie Inn

Upper East Side


1259 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10029

T: 212.423.9900

Amor y Amargo

East Village

Cocktails / Bitters / Store / Classes

443 East 6th Street

New York, NY 10006


Booker and Dax

East Village


207 2nd Avenue

New York, NY 10003





177 South 4th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11211 

T: 718.486.3726


Prime Meats

Carroll Gardens

German / Steakhouse

465 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

T: 718.254.0327



Amor y Amargo, Booker and Dax, Dram, Prime Meats, Guthrie Inn - New York, NY

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Q & A with Bartender Sother Teague

Q. Tell us about the newest place you’re bartending, The Guthrie Inn:


Guthrie Inn

It’s on the Upper East Side on Park Avenue and next door to Earl's Beer and Cheese -- they’re both owned by Adam Clark. Adam saw the thirst (pun...) for a cocktail bar in his neighborhood and seized the opportunity when the space became available. It's an intimate and charming space that he built mostly himself. One of my favorite aspects is the bar top itself. Adam poured clear epoxy over mixed almonds, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts to create a mosaic. Literally, ‘this bar is nuts.’ Banquette seating and a standing bar with a huge open window to the street for people watching are the big points.

The menu was put together by my friend and fellow bartender Chris Elford (also a distiller at Kings County and a certified Cicerone). Mostly classics and riffs on classics as we didn't want to be too aggressive with a neighborhood that isn't necessarily indoctrinated into the cocktail scene yet. The prices are $10 for classics and $12 for originals. We have a representative from The Beagle, Keen's Steakhouse, John Dory and myself tending.

Q. You’ve got regular gigs at other places in town, can you describe those bars for us:


Amor y Amargo

It’s a small 13-seat bar in the East Village that’s focused on bitters. Both potable (Becherovka, Cynar, Jagermeister) and tincture (Angostura, Peychaud's, Bittermens). We have no shakers and no juices, so all the drinks are bitter and stirred. We make our own vermouth and serve it on tap and in several of the drinks. We also offer an Americano on tap using our vermouth, Campari and water. We carbonate the whole keg, so we have integrated carbonation instead of the traditional 2 parts flat to one part bubbly.

We are also a ‘General Store’ for bar supplies (jiggers, mixing glasses, ice molds, bar books etc) and bitters (the full line of Bittermens [they are part of the management team] as well as Ango, Peychaud, Dr. Elmigarib etc).

Booker and Dax

The brainchild of the head of Culinary Technology at the French Culinary Institute, David Arnold. Dave brought all of his ‘molecular gastronomy’ tools (hate that term, but people are familiar with it) to the bar and we make drinks using them. We have at our disposal a rotary evaporator, centrifuge, hand carbonator, sous vide, liquid nitrogen, Randell freezers and, of course, our house-built 1500 degree Red Hot Poker. Our mantra is ‘just because we can, doesn't mean we should.’ We refuse to make a drink because its showy, rather we make drinks that are delicious. Seating room only, so there's often a wait, but it's worth it.

Prime Meats & Dram

I pull the occasional shift at Prime Meats in Carroll Gardens and guest shifts at Dram in Williamsburg.


Photographs courtesy of Find. Eat. Drink. | Sother Teague | Find. Eat. Drink.

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Bartender’s Recs

Find | Spirits & Liqueur


I really believe that 2012 is the year of rum, so I've been tinkering a lot in the category. To that end, I've found a cool new product called Sorel. It's made in Brooklyn by a guy named jack. Appropriately the company is called Jack from Brooklyn. It's a garnet red hibiscus and island spiced liqueur that has origins in the Caribbean. It pairs naturally with rum, but I've also been using it with tequila and gin, so it's really caught my attention. It seems an obvious choice for spring/ summer cocktails and punches, but I've also made a few warm drinks using it. It's got a lot of flexibility. If he gets attention, he'll be hard pressed to keep up with demand.

Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic Cordial

love using Bittermens Commonwealth Tonic cordial. It’s an alcoholic (21% or 42 proof) alternative to tonic water, you simply add seltzer. This gives me the ability to control how bitter the tonic is by adding more or less seltzer. The fact that it's made with alcohol, a much better solvent than water, means there are more flavors extracted from the quinine and other roots and botanicals. Plus it doesn't dilute the drink so much. It really is a superior tonic.

[See details.]


Bartender’s Recs | New York City

Spices at Kalustyan's | Astor Wine & Spirits

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Find | Stores

Liquor | Astor Wine and Spirits

It’s the best liquor store for variety and friendly staff. Again, if they don't already have it, they'll get it for you. It's a bit pricier than most spots, but you know going in that they'll have what you need, so it's a convenience thing. They also do lots of tastings, so you can get to try a spirit before you buy it or check out a new one you'd never have considered.

[See details.]

Spices | Kalustyan's

I love shopping at Kalustyan's for interesting ingredients, like sugars, syrups, hydro-sols, herbs, roots etc. I get inspired by the sheer volume of items they have. Going there is like an anthropological study. If they don't have it, they can usually get it for you. I usually go with one thing in mind and end up staying for an hour and leaving with ten items. I go there for cooking inspiration as well, among my many cooking jobs, I was a research and technical chef for the Food Network show Good Eats with Alton Brown for a few seasons.

I hit up farmers markets to see whats fresh and inspiring seasonally as well.

[See details.]


Pegu Club | PDT

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Drink | Cocktails

Where I’d Take A Visiting Bartender

These bars have been consistent since opening and that's what makes them excellent and a must to experience.

Pegu Club

For the Tantris Sidecar.


To drink a Benton’s Old Fashioned.

Both of which transport us to a hidden world.

Death + Company | Cocktails at Clover Club | Maison Premiere

Photographs courtesy of Death + Company | Clover Club | Maison Premiere

Clover Club

Have a Clover Club.

Death & Company

Try the Robert Johnson Swizzle.

Both are attentive and charming

Maison Premiere

I love Maison Premiere in my neighborhood for its old New Orleans feel (I lived there for 3 years cooking for Susan Spicer at Bayona and Cobalt), plus I'm a sucker for absinthe.

[See details.]

Project Parlor

Photograph courtesy of Project Parlor

Off The Beaten Track | Project Parlor

It's situated right next door to the laundromat that I use, so I go there while I do my wash. It's kind of dive-y and serves free shell peanuts and tall boys of Pabst with a shot of whiskey for $5. The best part is they also do some classic cocktails and some pretty inventive originals. They have a drink using duck fat washed rye! All in a spot next to the Marcy Housing Project aptly named Project Parlor.

[See details.]

Beyond cocktails

Any bar where no one knows me. There's an assumption that I always want a cocktail. That's like assuming that I always want Chinese food, there are lots of other things to eat...

Cocktail Recipes

- Di Pompelmo


Details of Sother Teague’s recommendations on where to drink and shop in New York City.

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