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Specialty Food Shop

Lower East Side

145 Orchard Street

New York, NY 10002

T: 212.253-0895



Mon: closed

Tue - Sat: 12pm - 8pm

Sun: 11am - 7pm


The Owners

The MastihaShop is owned by two sisters Artemis and Kalliopi Kohas, born to Greek immigrant parents who originated from the Greek island of Chios. Having spent their summers on the island and experiencing mastiha firsthand, they are very qualified to be the ambassadors to mastiha in the US. In 2006, the Kohas sisters became partners in the mastihashop in Mykonos and in December 2007 opened their New York outpost.

What Is Mastiha?

Chios Mastiha is the natural resin from the schinos, the Greek name for the mastiha tree (Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia). It is produced by cutting into the bark and allowing it to drip the tears of resin. It’s a gummy, clear liquid until it solidifies after 15 to 20 days into a crystalline solid. The mastiha crystals can be used as a natural chewing gum and has an initial bitter flavor that evolves to a clean piney taste.

Health Benefits

Mastiha has therapeutic qualities improving digestion and oral hygiene, can be used as an anti-inflammatory, has anti-oxidant qualities, and can help heal skin.

The Products

The store sells an array of mastiha based products. Try the mastiha cookies or lemon cookies flavored with lemons from Chios. You can buy the crystalline unadulterated mastiha for chewing gum or buy one of the gums, which have a less bitter, cleaner flavor. Get a jar of the mastiha taffy, when scooped onto a spoon and dipped into a glass of ice cold water is traditionally called a submarine. The taffy hardens and forms a soft lollipop. The taffy has a delicate pine-like refreshing flavor. In addition, they also sell jams and marmalades, infused oils and vinegars. Flip through the mastiha cook book and you’ll be rewarded with inspirational recipe ideas and beautiful pictures.

It’s a fun little shop focused on a unique product. A product that lends itself to a variety of uses, everything from chocolates to soaps to pasta, turning an ancient ingredient into a great modern day find.

City Guide

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- They also have a recipe guide on their website that’s worth a quick peruse.


Lower East Side - NEw York, NY



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