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Tapac 24 may be subterranean, but it’s no longer an underground find. Often, there is a line outside spilling onto the sidewalk. Locals, mixed with an international tourist crowd, queue up because once inside the food and atmosphere deliver.

Seating is either at high tables or a simple white formica-topped counter. The joint hops. It’s bustling and busy.

The menu is printed in Catalan on a paper bag, which also holds your flatware, but they now have a menu in English to help the growing tourist following.  Order some of the specials of the house, including: Gambas al Andaluz (deep-fried shrimp), boquerones al limon (fried anchovies with lemon), tostado de jamon y queso (toasted ham and cheese sandwich) AKA the Bikini Commerc 24 sandwich, and Iberian ham croquettes.

Don’t forget to check out the Tapas del Dia menu written on a little board.  The whole fried fish options shouldn’t be missed, but really there hasn’t been an item we’ve tried that has disappointed.  In the winter time, there are some heartier stew type dishes, such as the Cap i Tripa (a stew made from tripe, chorizo, chickpeas, and bacon).  Don’t be turned off but the tripe, the chorizo flavor tends to dominate more than the tripe.

This is the kind of place you may want to keep returning to in hopes of becoming a local.

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Tapac 24 Manager Susana Casamonis’ recommendations on where to eat in Barcelona.

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Eixample, Barcelona


c/ Diputació, 269

08007 Barcelona, Spain (view map)

T: +34/93.488.0977




Mon - Sat: 8a.m. - 12am

(No reservations)



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