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Plateau Mont Royal - Montreal, QC

Chef Martin Picard is larger than life: The Wild Chef  is a forager, butcher, and all around bon vivant. Last time I was there, we were showered with great food. Soft poached eggs with red wine syrup and brioche, skillet baked lasagne with beef cheek and spinach, and our meal was finished off with a sixth pitcher of beer and a roasted pig's head with a knife stuck in it. Anyone who can pull that off, has my adoration.

Matt Jennings of Farmstead

Erik Desjarlais of Evangeline

Two words : Martin Picard. And little jars of mayonnaise with everything. And foie gras stuffed trotter. And pickled tongue. And Bison tartare. 




Tue - Sun: 5pm - 12am

Mon: closed





Making totally different food.

I can't wait to get back. I am not articulate enough to express the joy that this restaurant gives me.

Unbelievably decadent fat fest….and best of all it is where Erik [Desjarlais] and I became engaged and retuned to one year later on our honeymoon.


When it’s in season, for the plateau de fruits de mer. The chef trained under Norman Laprise at Toqué.

Joe Dressner of Louis/Dressner Selections.

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.


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