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A Chef’s Recs | Phoenix, AZ

Eat | Restaurants

Spots Not to be Missed

Druant’s | Rancho Pinot Grill

Photograph courtesy of: Jeff Tidwell [flickr] | Rancho Pinot Grill

Durant’s Steakhouse

It’s a wonderful nostalgic chophouse -- very old school and I used to go there with my dad. It has lots of meaning for me.

Rancho Pinot Grill

My friend chef Chrysa Kaufman and I used to work together at Campanile. She is a terrific chef and there is always great food and wine there.

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- Belgian Endive, Asian Pear, Humboldt Fog Salad

- Chickpea Chestnut Soup

- Long Cooked Green Beans

- Roasted Onions With Almond Pesto

- Kabocha Squash With Sage & Leeks


Details of Suzanne Tracht’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

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Q & A


Suzanne Tracht’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Los Angeles and Phoenix.


American / Californian / Steakhouse


8225 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90048

T: 323.655.6566 (make a reservation)




Los Angeles, CA

Q & A with Chef Suzanne Tracht

Q. Please tell us about Jar?

A. We are an upscale modern chophouse focusing on different types of braised dishes using seasonal ingredients from our local farmers’ markets.

Q. What is your favorite meal at Jar -- what are the don’t miss items?

A. My personal favorite appetizers are the mussels with water spinach and lobster béarnaise served with fennel salt or the haricots verts salad with prosciutto with mustard soy dressing. The pot roast and the lamb shank are the most popular entrees and have been since we opened 10 years ago. I change up the sides, but some are constant. Right now, the slow cooked black kale and the roasted Okinawa purple yams with crème fraîche and chives are the must haves.


Photograph courtesy of Suzanne Tracht & Jar restaurant

Advice / Tips

Steak Tips | Cuts

We use prime beef; some of our steaks are dried aged. Our clienteles’ favorite cuts are the ribeye, the Kansas City, and the bone-in prime filet. The dried age porterhouse for two is a definitely a crowd favorite.

Steak Tips | Cooking At Home

First of all, you have to use high heat – whether you are broiling it or cooking it on a pan, it has to be cooked on high heat. The steak has to be well seasoned on both sides. I prefer simply seasoned with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper.



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A Chef’s Recs | Los Angeles, CA

Find | Farmers’ Markets

Produce at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market | The Original LA Farmers’ Market

Photo Credits: _e.t [flickr] | jordanfischer [flickr] | The LA Farmers’ Market

Favorite Markets | Santa Monica & Hollywood

Go on Wednesdays to the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market and on Sundays to Hollywood. They carry the best fresh produce you could find. We’re very lucky to be living in Southern California, because we have such a huge selection to choose from throughout the year.

Favorite Meat Purveyors | Huntington Meats & Puritan Poultry

Locally, at the Los Angeles Farmers’ Market, we like to buy from Huntington Meats and we like to get chicken from Puritan Poultry’s stand.

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Eat | Restaurants

Restaurants I’d Take A Visiting Chef

Dumplings @ Din Tai Fung | Pizza @ Pizzeria Mozza

Photograph courtesy of: Din Tai Fung | arnold | inuyaki [flickr]

Pizzeria Mozza

Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious.

Din Tai Fung

In the San Gabriel Valley for dim sum and their juicy dumplings.

Off The Beaten Track | Noshi Sushi

I’ve been going here for over 20 years. It is also my kids’ favorite place. All the sushi is great. I especially like the warm blue crab hand roll. Get there early because they’re always packed. Don’t be discouraged about the wait because the line moves fast.

Quintessential Los Angeles Restaurants

The Burger @ Short Order | The fresh anchovies with artichokes and red beets @ Angelini Osteria

Photographs courtesy of: Short Order | LWY [flickr]


It’s one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants. The appetizers are my favorite there. The Crab and Shrimp Louis is a must have item.

Angelini Osteria

I love going for lunch.

Short Order

I love this new restaurant by Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman. Their turkey burger is the best and the only turkey burger I ever found to be good.

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Drink | Bars

Where To Grab A Drink In L.A.

Cocktails @ Ray’s & Stark Bar

Photograph courtesy of: Ray’s & Stark Bar

Ray’s & Stark Bar

My favorite spot for a drink -- it’s at the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on Wilshire. I love it because you get to go to the museum and you get to sit outside surrounded by a beautiful setting.

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