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Chef’s Recs | New York, NY

Japanese Premium Beef

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

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Japanese Premium Beef

It’s a wonderful butcher shop of high quality Washugyu. They don't only butcher the beef, but their company also raises the cows. Ask for Eiichi Yamamoto.

Union Square Farmers Market

I live close to Union Square and so I often go to the Green Market on my way to work and pick up interesting local vegetables.

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EN Japanese Brasserie

West Village


435 Hudson Street
New York NY 10014

T: 212.647.9196 (make a reservation)



Mon - Fri: 12pm - 2:30pm

Sat - Sun: 11am - 2:30pm

Sun - Thu: 5:30pm - 10:30pm

Fri - Sat: 5:30pm - 11:30pm



Q & A with Chef Abe Hiroki

Q. Tell us about EN Japanese Brasserie...


The Food

When I cook I want to use the best quality ingredients that I can find, and I love marrying local vegetables and fish with Japanese technique, discovering combinations that are not so commonly seen inside or outside of Japan. I enjoy bringing out their natural flavors in ways that one doesn't commonly experience.

Our seasonal Kaiseki is one of the most interesting aspects of our menu. I enjoy cooking in the moment and creating dishes that express the seasons in ways that remind you of the time and place that you are in.

The Space

Ichiro Sato, the designer of the space, did a wonderful job on allowing our guests to be transported back to Japan through our doors. He designed the space to have intimacy at the table, while embracing the grandeur of the space in a way that gives a peaceful tranquility only found in Japan. Our Florist Katsuya Nishimori does an amazing job with our central display. It changes with the seasons and has a unique modern Japanese style that philosophically parallels with the food we serve.


Q & A


West Village - New York, NY

Photographs courtesy of EN Japanese Brasserie

Recommended By

- Chef Koji Hagihara (Hakata Tonton in New York, NY)

- Chef Chikara Sono (Kyo Ya in New York, NY)

- Chef Kerry Simon (Simon at Palms Place, Cathouse in Las Vegas, NV and LA Market, and Simon LA in Los Angeles, CA)

- Chef Dany Bolduc (Reservoir in Montreal, QC)

- Chef Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto in New York, NY)

- Rick Smith and Hiroko Furukawa (Sakaya Sake in New York, NY)

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Farmer Ground Flour

I am a bit of a tofu snob, but something interesting you can do is buy local high quality soy beans at the Green Market from “Farmer Ground Flour.” This might be an interesting way of getting intimate with the product. Hydrating the beans, grinding, cooking and expressing out the soy milk gives an amazing fresh product that might be enlightening to most home cooks.

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Fortunately in New York we have many Japanese grocery stores that have a wide selection of Japanese ingredients for the home. My favorite ingredient to work with is Kombu. It's fundamental to Japanese cuisine and from it you have the potential to go in so many wonderful directions. You can make dashi, kobujime, shio kombu, tskudani kombu... I could keep going on for ever.

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Le Bernadin

Photographs courtesy of Le Bernadin

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Where I’d Take A Visiting Chef | Le Bernardin

I staged at Le Bernardin and fell in love with their philosophy and techniques. Every time I go there, I'm inspired.

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Sashimi at Kyo Ya | Pig’s Trotter at Hakata Tonton

Photo Credits: Find. Eat. Drink. | Troy House

For Authentic Japanese

Kyo Ya

For Sono-san’s [Chikara Sono] cooking. He has wonderful style of cooking that allows the ingredients to really speak.

Hakata Tonton [See Slide Show]

It’s cooking done like in my hometown Fukoka - order the motsu nabe “offal hot pot.”

Bond St

Shige-san [Shigeru Mikami] does a beautiful job.

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Off The Beaten Track | Socarrat Pella Bar 

I love the fried sardines and and anchovies.

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Shochu & Sake at Hakata Tonton | Beers at The Ginger Man

Photographs courtesy of Find. Eat. Drink. | The Ginger Man

Drink | Sake

Hakata Tonton [See Slide Show]

They have all my hometown sakes.

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Drink | Beer

Ginger Man

There are so many beers to choose from. It's so interesting.

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Chef’s Recs | Japan

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Shiodome EN

Takezawa-san uses impeccable ingredients, as it's located right next to Tsukiji Market and it has an incredible view of Tokyo.

Daiwa Sushi

It’s at Tsukiji Market.

Ochazuke EN

It's actually in Narita Airport and serves very simple beautiful ochazuke, a fresh fish rice and dashi.

Kazu Restaurant

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Details of Abe Hiroki’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in New York and Japan.


- Soy Milk

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