Chris Barnes - Contributor - Find. Eat. Drink.



  1. Chris started working in kitchens when he was just 16 years old. Initially he began washing pots, but it wasn’t long before he was cooking seasonally inspired cuisine in restaurants in California, Oregon, Washington, and most recently at August Restaurant in the West Village.

  2. Chris is a graduate from the French Culinary Institute's Classic Culinary Arts.

  3. In 2001, Chris decided to learn more about the mastery of caffeine products and started producing artisanal coffee drinks for industry leading coffee companies in Chicago and at Joe the Art of Coffee in New York.

  4. His love for tasting and selling artisanal products led him to working behind a charcuterie counter at a wine store, cheese mongering and beer buying for Whole Foods Market. He is currently the Spanish wine buyer at Chambers Street Wines in TriBeCa.

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