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F.E.D. Holiday Gift Guide - Find. Eat. Drink.


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Holiday Gift Guide - 2011

Salt | Salt Cellar With Spoon

Recommended By: The Meadow

Why: Store and serve salt, spices, sugar elegantly in this stainless steel cellar with spoon.

Price: $23.95

Buy: The Meadow

Cookbook | Chez Panisse Vegetables Cookbook

Recommended By: Chef David Kinch

Why: “It’s very good, not only for the recipes, but for an introduction to the varietals and flavor profiles. It’s pretty in depth and pretty amazing.”

Price: $24


Cookware | Tagines

Recommended By: Chef Charles Phan

Why: “I love collecting clay pots and this is one of the places I buy from.”

Price: $74

Buy: Bram Cookware

Salted Anchovy Sauce | Colatura Di Alici

Recommended By: Chef Michael White and Gustiamo

Why: “I always have Colatura di Alici on hand – Italian fish sauce.”

Price: ~$20

Buy: | Gustiamo

Spice Gift Set

Recommended By: Chef Suzanne Goin

Why: A broad range of spice gift sets ranging from salt to pepper to seeds to blends. For a touch of adventure try the Explore Gift Set (mace, saffron, cubeb pepper, vadouvan golden).

Price: from $37.50

Buy: Le Sanctuaire