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There are generally two distinct camps when it comes to iced coffee: the hot brew method and the cold brew method. The hot brew method fans are enticed by the fresh, aromatic, high acidity flavors, while the cold brew proponents love the more mellow, lower acidity, chocolately nuttiness.

The hot brew method that most aficionados recommend is the Japanese style iced coffee. It‘s made by having hot brewed coffee cooled instantly by having the fresh coffee drip directly onto the ice. This locks in the flavors and reduces oxidation. In this method, the coffee is ideally hot for less than a second. To emphasize the high-toned focus of this method, use a fruity coffee,  lightly roasted -- coffees with high acidity and aroma.

The cold brewed method takes a little more time preparation, since it steeps for 12 hours. Coffee grounds and room temperature water are stirred together, left at room temperature and then filtered. For this method, a slightly darker full roast is recommended.

Below is a recipe for cold brewed iced coffee.

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Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Adapted from recipe by Mark Bittman of the New York Times


1 coffee pot

Prep Time

10 minutes, plus 12 hours for steeping


- 1 cup medium to course ground coffee

- 5 cups water


1) In a glass coffee pot, stir together coffee and water.

2) Cover and leave to steep at room temperature for 12 hours.

3) Strain twice through a coffee filter or a fine-mesh sieve. At this point, you’ve made your cold brew concentrate.

Pro Tip: minimize shaking up the coffee as most of the grounds will have settled in the bottom of the pot.

4) Store the coffee concentrate in the refrigerator.

5) To serve, mix equal parts coffee concentrate and water (to taste) in a tall glass filled with ice.

Pro Tip: to reduce the impact of the melting ice and increase the depth of flavor, prepare ice cubes with the iced coffee concentrate.



Cold Brew Recipe

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