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Almost Japanese Style Iced Coffee

Courtesy of Josip Drazenovich, Training and Development Manager for Dallis Bros. Coffee


1 glass


- Leveled 3/4 cup of freshly roasted coffee, ground like cracked pepper

- About 9 oz of just off boiling point

- Heat resistant vessel 

- Coffee brewer (I used a Bonmac, but any coffee brewer would do. Even French press, though you may get some coffee particles depending on the filter) 

- 16 oz of ice



1) Put the filter on the brewer, making sure it’s on there right.

Pro Tip: I pre-wet my filters, because it improves taste, washing away any paper taste you may get in the cup.


2) Pour the grinds into the brewer.

Pro Tip: coffee brewers that use a hot plate may also work, which is the upside to this recipe. I would recommend to let them cool off a bit, given that they are way too hot.


3) Make the first pour and wait about 20 to 30 seconds.

Pro Tip: this lets all the gases out to promote better extraction.


4) After those 20 to 30 seconds have passed, begin the second pour, pouring in small circles straight in the middle.

Pro Tip: I like to not let the water level in the brewer go down past or above half way.


5) After you finish pouring the 9 oz of water, let it drip,   finishing the extraction in about 3:15 minutes.


6) After it's finished dripping, fill your glass with ice and pour directly and aggressively in the middle of the glass.


7) Enjoy your almost Japanese style iced coffee!

Hot Brew Recipe

Cold Brew Recipe../../2009/8/26_ICED_COFFEE.html../../2009/8/26_ICED_COFFEE.htmlshapeimage_45_link_0

There are generally two distinct camps when it comes to iced coffee: the hot brew method and the cold brew method. The hot brew method fans are enticed by the fresh, aromatic, high acidity flavors, while the cold brew proponents love the more mellow, lower acidity, chocolately nuttiness.

The hot brew method that most aficionados recommend is the Japanese style iced coffee. It‘s made by having hot brewed coffee cooled instantly by having the fresh coffee drip directly onto the ice. This locks in the flavors and reduces oxidation. In this method, the coffee is ideally hot for less than a second. To emphasize the high-toned focus of this method, use a fruity coffee,  lightly roasted -- coffees with high acidity and aroma.

The cold brewed method takes a little more time preparation, since it steeps for 12 hours. Coffee grounds and room temperature water are stirred together, left at room temperature and then filtered. For this method, a slightly darker full roast is recommended.

Dallis Bros. Coffee training and development manager, Josip Drazenovich, passed along his adapted Japanese style iced coffee method that he uses at home.

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