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Q & A


Stephen Jeffcoat’s recommendations for beer and places to drink in San Antonio, Dallas and New Orleans.


Lüke - San Antonio River Walk - Texas

Lüke San Antonio


German / French Brasserie

125 E. Houston Street

San Antonio, TX 78205 (view map)

T: 210.227.5853 (make a reservation)



Daily: 11 am -11 pm


Q & A with Stephen Jeffcoat

Q. Tell us about Luke San Antonio:

A. We’re an Alsatian Brasserie/ German inspired restaurant, but we’re based out of New Orleans, so you see some roots from New Orleans in our cuisine. But, we also cater to Texas with some local style dishes.

If you’re looking to drink beer, we are the place. We focus on a lot of really good beer; German beer, Belgian beer, French Beer, American craft beer, and some really good Texas beer as well.

Q. What do you like to order on your menu?

A. We have a lot of great appetizers that really speak to beer, but my favorite dish is the Alsatian Onion Tart. It’s amazing. It’s got Emmenthaler cheese, caramelized onions, and bacon lardons using Allan Benton’s ham.

Q. Do you feel the regions that beer comes from influences the taste?

A. Certainly. The big thing about beer these days is handcrafted beer. It’s where you get your hops from, where you get your sugar from, your malt, barley, all those different things and then the time you put in and the effort to create that beer.


Q. Who else around the country do you think has a great beer program?

San Antonio

A. The Flying Saucer here in San Antonio. They carry at least a hundred or more beers and they have pretty good food, as well.

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New Orleans

A. The Bulldog is one of my favorite places in New Orleans. It’s known for being a beer joint. There is a nice little patio outside and there nothing better than getting out of work early on a Friday and sitting out The Bulldog, having a couple of beers.

They have an extensive beer list. I drink Spaten Lager, it’s one of my favorite beers. They serve these crawfish empanadas, that are really good. They also do great burgers. Any beer place should have a great burger...and cheese fries, which are kind of a staple when it comes to bar food.

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A. The Ginger Man. They have a pretty cool and large beer list. They also have music, it’s a pretty big place.

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Q. Is there a resource that you like to find out about beer?

A. Beer Advocate is probably one of the top ones I go to. If there is ever a new beer that someone mentions to me, I go there and see their reviews - what they think about it, what kinds of characteristics they have tasted, and that helps my process when I’m deciding if I want to put a new beer on my list.

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Q. How about for buying around the country?

A. As far as shopping, World Market has a fantastic beer selection and they do a cool mix and match of six packs. You don’t have to buy just one kind.

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Details of Stephen Jeffcoat’s recommendations for beer and places to drink in San Antonio, Dallas and New Orleans.