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Upper West Side


1900 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

T: 212.595.0303 (make a reservation)




Mon - Fri: 12pm - 2:30pm

Mon - Thu: 5pm - 12am

Fri - Sat: 5pm - 1am

Sun: 11am - 4pm, 5pm - 10pm


Upper West Side


20 West 64th Street

New York, NY 10023

T: 212.595.1313 (make a reservation)




Mon - Sat: 5pm - 11pm

Sun: 5pm - 10pm



Q. How would you describe what you have done with the wine list at Bar Boulud?

A. What I am most proud of the wine list at Bar Boulud is a putting together a list of discovery wines from Burgundy, Rhone, Provence, Languedoc and Roussillion that are not only delicious and represent their respective regions but are also great values. 

Q. What's your favorite classic and atypical food / wine pairing?

A. Classic is a Northern Rhone White like Hermitage Blanc and lobster with cream sauce. Atypical is trocken or halbtrocken Riesling with chicken tacos.

Q. When eating at other restaurants what gets you excited about a wine list?

A. What makes me excited are wine lists with a mark and the attitude of the one who put it together. A wine list where you can tell that the sommelier truly loves wine. Wine lists with a collection of the most sought after wines do not impress me. Neither do lists that reflect what’s hot in the market at the moment.  


Q. What drives you nuts with wine lists?

A. Wine lists that are well thought out with a deep selection, but do not have wines that are ready to drink for under $100.


Q. You have become known for creative approach to the Bar Boulud wine list, who else (in New York or elsewhere) is doing creative things with their wine lists?


Hearth & Terroir | Paul Grieco

Without a doubt - Paul has something to say and uses his wine programs as a soapbox for his opinions. He has influenced scores of young somms throughout North America.

Rouge Tomate | Pascaline Lepeltier

Easily one of the most charming and hard working sommeliers in city. I love her Loire selection, which I feel is a region totally deserving of more recognition. Also, her cocktail program with infusions and fresh pressed juices are extraordinary.

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Upper West Side - New York, NY

Photographs courtesy of Michael Madrigale

Q & A

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Sommelier’s Recs

FIND | Wine Resources

Wine and Spirits Magazine

A great resource with in-depth articles and a solid tasting panel.


It’s a fantastic travelogue of a Parisian blogger who visits numerous wine producers throughout Europe. Refreshingly without the ubiquitous 100 point scale.

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FIND | Wine Stores

Crush & Chambers Street Wines

Both in New York City, I love them for their great selection, informed staff, and great prices.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Wine Library

For their price and selection.

[See details.]

Eat | Restaurants

Off The Beaten Track

I think Queens has the most authentic cuisine in the city right now, from the Greek Tavernas in Astoria to the regional Chinese cuisine in Flushing to the South American bodegas in Jackson Heights.

[See details.]

Favorite Restaurants For Their Wine Lists

Casa Mono

A great collection of Northern Spain whites like Verdejo, Ribiera, and Txakolina.


Awesome collection of blue chip Austrian wines.

[See details.]

Favorite BYOB Spots In NYC

The Grand Sichuan | Fuleen Seafood  | Phoenix Garden

Chinese restaurants are great for BYO.

[See details.]

Favorite Place To Not Drink Wine | Zum Schneider

On Avenue C, the best schnitzel in New York City and my favorite beer on draft, Jever, from Northern Germany. Sometimes you get tired of wine. I have a knee jerk reaction to analyze every wine that I put into my mouth and sometimes that can be exhausting. A crisp draft beer is the perfect antidote for that.

[See details.]

Traveling in Burgundy

Ma Cusine

It’s fantastic. Classic and well executed Burgundian specialties.

Bistrot Bourguignon

For their fantastic wines by the glass.

The Train Station in Nuits St Georges

Another great place, believe it or not, is in the. It’s a canteen where there is no choice but consistently correct and well priced country food. I used to go there three times per week when I was working in the vineyards for the Domaine de l'Arlot. The place was always filled with vineyard workers, which was all the convincing I needed.

[See details.]

Drink | Wine Bars

Favorite Wine Bars | Otto

I like going to the bar at and getting a chilled bottle of Koferhof Kerner with the anchovies and bread crumbs antipasti.

[See details.]

Drink | Wine

Wine That’s On Hand At Home


I like drinking Trocken/Halbtrocken Rieslings at home. For instance, 2008 Keller Von der Fels is slamming as well 2008 Peter Lauer ‘Senoir’ and anything from Van Volxem.


I am enamored with all of the ‘Special Clubs’ available on the market. What's particularly knocking me out right now is the 2002 Vazart-Coquart as well as the 2002 Lassalle.


I like Thierry Allemand (the king) as well a new up and comer named Matthieu Barret (Domaine du Coulet).

[See details.]

Aperitif | Campari & Soda

I love the sweet/sour and bitter quality of Campari and soda. It wakes my palate up for a long night of drinking.

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Cappellano Chinato

I love Cappellano Chinato.


I also love a good Calvados and Michel Huard is my go to Calvados.

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