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- The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails (buy it)

- Modern Mixology (buy it)


Tony Abou-Ganim’s recommendations for cocktail bars around the country as well as cocktail resources and ingredients.


Cocktails should be...

In harmony... cocktails are all about balance: not too sweet, not too tart.


Tony Abou-Ganim’s recommendations for cocktail bars around the country as well as cocktail resources and ingredients.


- Mojito

- The Perfect Dry Martini

- Negroni

- Manhattan

- Margarita




The Modern Mixologist: Contemporary Classic Cocktails

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Modern Mixology

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Most perishable ingredient...

Is lime juice... which oxidizes 20 to 25 minutes after squeezing, so squeeze a la minute.

Pick limes that are dark green, soft /pliable to the touch, and with smooth skin.

Don’t refrigerate limes before using them. Keep them at room temperature for optimal juicing results.

Don’t overlook...

Bitters... they add a complexity to the drink. They are the salt and pepper of the cocktail world.

Essential tool...

Boston Shaker... a 16 ounce glass and 26 ounce tin; it’s the chef’s knife of the bar.

With vermouth, age matters...

Don’t keep vermouth too long. It’s an aromatized wine, and it will go off. You should only keep it for about a month. Buy 375 ml bottles and keep them in the refrigerator.

When buying vermouths: French for dry vermouth and Italian for sweet vermouth.

How to ruin a good cocktail...

Stale ice... nothing will screw up a drink more than bad ice. You should serve your drink over fresh ice to maintain the integrity of the drink. To crush ice, use a canvas Lewis bag. The canvas absorbs the water.

Picking a muddler...

Invest in a good solid hardwood muddler that has not been stained or lacquered. Treat your muddler with respect: oil it regularly with food-grade mineral oil, keep it dry, and never put it in the dishwasher.

How to keep mint in mint condition...

To store mint, put it upside down in a glass of cold water, which will keep the mint beautiful and perky. When muddling, press and twist the muddler straight down. Don’t shred, you just want to release the oils. Don’t include the stems, they’ll add a bitterness.

Big value in small packages...

When using soda, buy small 8-ounce bottles, instead of the large economy size. And keep them refrigerated - warm soda melts the ice and dilutes your cocktail.

The grande finale...

Garnishes... should be an ingredient that is part of the drink.

If using a mint garnish, clip the end of the stem before you use it and the oil will bleed into the drink.

If using olives, don’t let them sit out too long. Heat + Fat + Brine + Oxygen = Mushy, Bitter, Oxidized Olives.

10 Essential Tips On Making Better Cocktails

from Mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim