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Salers Aperitif La Bounoux Gentiane Liqueur

What Is It?

Produced since 1885, this is one of the oldest gentiane liqueurs of the Massif Centrale -- the birthplace of gentiane aperitifs. It’s a classic French aperitif made from the root of the yellow gentiane plant (Gentiana Lutea), grown on the high altitude volcanic slopes of Auvergne.

The root takes 20 years to achieve adult height and only blooms every two years. The roots are hand-harvested using a “devil’s fork” and then cleaned, cut, milled, distilled and placed in oak casks. Subsequently, the distillation is balanced with water, alcohol and neutral sugar.

How Does it Taste?

Rich and bittersweet with a rustic character and notes of citrus and anise.

How To Use It

Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif with ice and lemon or in mixed cocktails.

Cocktail Recipes

- L’Aperitif

- Salers Smash


Bonal Gentiane-Quina

What Is It?

This is a classic aperitif wine created in 1865 by a monk/doctor, brother Raphael, whose real name was Hippolyte Bonal. Bonal is a specific type of aperitif wine called quinquina, called so, because it’s infused with extract of chinchona bark. Cinchinoa bark is the primary source of quinine and is the predominant taste component in tonic water.

Quinine and gentiane, along with a secret blend of botanical herbs from the Chartreuse Mountains, are infused in a fortified wine base (called a mistelle).

How Does it Taste?

It’s a complex, aromatic and bitter aperitif which has been called “ouvre l'appétit” meaning “whet the appetite.”

How To Use It

Try neat or with a lemon twist, also recommended with fresh cider or as a substitute for sweet red vermouth.

Cocktail Recipes

- Spinnaker

- Bonal & Rye








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