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Pucker power is how the owner of Randy’s Famous Key Lime Pie describes the perfect Key Lime Pie. Not too thick, more tart than bitter, and not too much graham cracker crust which could overwhelm the pie.

The origins of the pie date back to the 1850’s. Truth be told, it's kind of a buzz kill if you were hoping it was all about artisanal ingredients, because the original Key Lime Pie was made with condensed milk. At the time, there weren’t a lot of cows roaming the Florida Keys, so pie makers were psyched about milk in a can. The condensed milk, mixed with the acidic lime juice causes the filling to thicken on its own without requiring baking. Lots of pie makers forgo eggs, to avoid any chance of salmonella. As for color, the pie shouldn’t be green. This usually means food coloring was involved, since Key limes are actually bright yellow, making the filling yellow.

The ultimate tasting Key Lime Pie could take a lifetime to find, especially when there are so many renditions, including fried pies.

One of the more popular reinterpretations is the mini-tartlet or piesicle. It’s frozen Key Lime Pie on a popsicle stick, coated in chocolate. How could it not be good? Sweet, tangy, portable, and the perfect single portion.

Steve’s Authentic

In Red Hook, Brooklyn, Steve’s Authentic calls theirs “the swingle,” named after the Key lime, citrus aurantifolia or swingle. Their creation is an individual-sized pie, round in shape, with a rich yellow color and a good thick coat of chocolate. The chocolate covering enhances the citrus flavor. We found it better than their naked pies, which lean more towards sweet than tart.

Randy’s Famous Key Lime Pie

Randy’s is located in Naples, Florida, makes one of the best tasting pies we tasted. It has a satiny texture and  just the right zing of acidity. Incidentally, they also bottle and sell their own lime juice. They don’t use eggs in their pies nor bake it. Their piesicle is triangular in shape, with a delicate coating of chocolate and a balanced mix of limey-ness and sweetness. The graham cracker crust is as thin as possible, creating a hint of crunch. They sell locally at their Florida shop, supply other stores in the Southeast, and ship all over the country.

Key West Key Lime Pie Company

Boasting a First Place Prize from the 2009 American Pie Council championships for their Key Lime Bars. Their pies are pale yellow color with a filling that is light, airy and creamy, with subtle tartness. Their pies are handmade in the keys, using Mrs. Biddles Key Lime Juice, Galloway condensed milk, and a Keebler crust. They also follow the no-baking method. Their chocolate-dipped bars are available online and they sell their Key Lime Pies at Macy’s Cellar.

You might be “shocked” to discover that you won’t discover grannies squeezing key limes and hand-making each ingredient. In actuality, most pie makers are using ready-made products.



To experience the right balance of taste, let the pie “rest” outside the freezer before digging in.


- Recommendations from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.

- Recommendations from Randy’s Famous Key Lime Pies.

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie


204 Van Dyke Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231 (view map)

T: 718.858.5333

Randy's Famous Key Lime Pie


10395 Tamiami Trail

Naples, FL 34108 (view map)

T: 239.593.5555

Key West Key Lime Pie Company


431 Front Street

Key West, FL 33040 (view map)

T: 877-882-PIES (7437)


- Recommendations from the Key West Key Lime Pie Company.

- Recommendations from Randy’s Famous Key Lime Pies.