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Book Rental Car

Discounted Rental Car Rates & Coupons


You book with AutoSlash and they continue to search for online coupons to lower your rental rate.

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Find Accommodations

While renting apartments from online sites works well a lot of the time, Seth Kugel noted that there are some cautionary tales regarding fake apartment rentals, including his own experience in London. Make sure you do some due diligence by obtaining references and asking questions of the owner.

Apartments & Rooms| AirBNB

Instead of staying in a hotel, this site links you to people who rent out their home, apartment, a room or just a bed.

Vacation Rentals

Home Away

Vacation rentals around the world.


People around the world renting out their homes.

Stay With People | Couching Surfing

A traveling community offering free places to stay.

Hotel Booking | Priceline

For standard mainstream corporate hotels at a better price. Can get prices slashed to half. Seth Kugel says “It’s astonishing!”

Bidding Advice

Better Bidding

Help, suggestions and advice for bidding on Priceline and Hotwire.

Bidding Traveler

Walks you through the gaming steps to get the best deal on Priceline.

* Find. Eat. Drink. Recommendation

Hotel Booking | Tablet Hotel

Curated selection of luxury and boutique hotels around the world.


Tips & Recommendations From Industry Pros

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Research Travel & Book

Where To Go |

Unsure of where to travel? You can plug in your budget and prices pop up on a world map.

Airfare Research | ITA Software

It was bought by Google. For airfare search, it tells you the best dates to fly, based on price. |

Track Pricing | Airfare Watchdog

For tracking the pricing of specific airline routes.

Post Purchase Deals | Yapta

Enter in your flight number and they will search to get a better deal after you buy your tickets.

Offline | Travel Agents

“Sometimes it’s great to talk to a human being.” For international travel, working with a travel agent can yield cheaper flights and eliminate the hassle involved in cross site searching and evaluating. If available, find travel agents focused on the area of the world you are traveling to. For example, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, NY has a high population of Russian speaking immigrants. If you are traveling to Russia, leverage the local knowledge and experience from a travel agent located in Brighton Beach.


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Getting Around The Airport

Airport Navigation | Gate Guru

Mobile app to navigate airports around the world. | Get the app: iPhone / Android

Airport Navigation & Monitoring| goHow

Real-time flight status monitoring, gate changes, baggage claim information and local weather conditions. | Get the app: iPhone / Android / Blackberry

* Find. Eat. Drink. Recommendation

Airport & Mall Maps | Point Inside

Maps airports and shopping malls around the world. | Get the app: iPhone / Android


Travel Advice

Social Media & Crowd Sourcing

As with any crowd-sourcing, consider the source of the advice and recommendations. Be careful where the information is coming from.

AFAR Magazine

A travel magazine with a social community -- connect with people who have already been there.

Flyer Talk

An online travel community forum.


Connect with friends to plan trips, get travel tips and share photos.

Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree

A forum where travelers exchange advice and tips.

5 Things: Egypt

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When You are There

Go Local | Ultra Local Specific Apps

Find specific, ultra local apps for the location you are visiting -- for example, get the app that tells you all the local food carts.

Translate | Google Translate App

While the technology is moving fast, instantaneous translation is not quite there yet, but this app can still be very handy.

Get the app: iPhone / Android

* Find. Eat. Drink. Recommendations

Art & Architecture | Approach Guides

Cultural travel ebooks and app that focuses on art, architecture, food and wine. Picked by Travel + Leisure as one of the top travel websites.

Where to eat, Drink, Shop | Find. Eat. Drink. City Guides

Downloadable curated City Guides. Well-known culinary stars (chefs, bartenders and sommeliers) share their favorite restaurants, bars, food markets and shops around the world. Picked by Travel + Leisure as one of the top travel websites.


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