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At 4:00 am every Thursday, Ralph Gorham gets on the road to drive up to Maine. By 3:00 pm he’s back in Brooklyn, having purchased the freshest lobsters available, right off the boats in Kittery, Maine. He refuses to buy any lobsters from pounds, which are large holding areas where they keep them for days, even weeks, causing them to loose texture and flavor.

Ralph and his wife, Susan Povich, decided to go into the seafood business after spending time at Susan’s family home in Maine. With Red Hook’s maritime past, it seemed like it might be a good fit. So this past spring, they opened up the Red Hook Lobster Pound. To their surprise, it was a good fit. They would open the store on a Friday at noon and by Sunday, they had sold out of their stock.

One of the reasons they drive up to Maine is because they trust the tightly regulated fishing industry there. The state makes sure to maintain sustainability and keep small family fisheries thriving.  This, Susan points out, creates the ability to garner a one-on-one relationship with the fisherman and that translates into getting the best product available.

After living in Red Hook for over 14 years, Susan and Ralph have garnered a few local relationships of their own. On Friday nights, they cater a lobster feast at Rocky Sullivan’s, which is just around the corner from their store. On weekend days, they can be found at the Brooklyn Flea selling made-to-order lobster rolls on J.J. Nissen buns from Biddeford, Maine. And Friday through Sunday, they sell live lobsters at their Van Brunt store.

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Red Hook - Brooklyn, NY


Red Hook Lobster Pound

Lobster / Lobster Rolls

Red Hook

284 Van Brunt Street

Brooklyn, NY 11231

T: 646.326.7650



Fri - Sun: 12pm - 6pm (winter hours)

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