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If your standard of honey comes in a plastic bear, be prepared to go on a taste ride when you experience Bee Raw’s honeys. With flavors like blueberry, sourwood, star thistle, wild raspberry, sage, and cranberry, this is not your ordinary supermarket liquid. In fact, many of their honeys come in a crystalized form and that’s a good thing. Actually, a delicious thing.

Many supermarket liquid brands heat their products to micro-filter and reduce crystallization, which in turn takes out much of the pollen pieces that give the honey its distinctive flavor profile. The liquid honeys also melt too quickly on the tongue, which leaves you with only a basic sweetness.

Now try Bee Raw’s buckwheat with tiny particles that has a buttery taste, is dark brown in color, and can be used in a miso salmon or Black Cod glaze.

The characteristics of these honeys could be compared to wines, coffees, or chocolates. Each with a unique taste. They go well with cheeses and yogurts, in barbecue sauces, drizzled on cornbreads, or for just sweeting up tea. They also have an indefinite shelf life, providing they don’t take on any moisture.

The honeys are sold in simple, clear jars with a nice clean design, or in hand-corked lab vials, sealed with bees wax, and presented in an American Oak block. 4 vials sell for $45, 9 for $78. Jars are $12 for 10.5 oz. or $120 for a 12 pack.

Cheese Pairing Suggestions

Maine Blueberry

Earthy sweetness goes well with Stilton.

North Carolina Sourwood

One of their rarest honeys is reminiscent of magnolias and pairs with Brie or Camembert.

Washington Buckwheat

Molasses-like flavor works nicely with fresh goat cheese.

Colorado Sweet Yellow Clover

Hints of cardamon, buttery, elegantly tames strong cheese like Epoisses and Taleggio.


Find out which restaurants serve Bee Raw Honey with their cheese selection and where to purchase it.


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