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New York, NY + Paris, France


Photograph courtesy of Eric Kayser




Q. You’re known for creating seasonally-driven pastries for your shops, how do they differ for each country?

A. Seasons and seasonal products differ with the countries, so the creation of these new products is mostly driven by our local pastry chef and head baker. Our chefs all come from our Parisian boutiques, so they really know my taste and our standards. We also taste all the products together during my visits. For the global seasonal products that are the same around the world, such as our monthly breads, we develop those in Paris and we communicate the recipes to our local chefs.

Pain au Curcuma & Noisettes (Turmeric & Nuts Bread)

Photograph courtesy of Eric Kayser

Q. What are some “not to be missed” pastries and breads when visiting Maison Kayser?

A. I would recommend trying the Turmeric and Nut bread that is one of our well known recipes. I would also recommend the Financiers [see his Financier recipe]. Those are soft biscuits made with almond and flavored different ways: chocolate, pistachio or plain. One of my current favorites is the Carré Tatin, a square dessert inspired by the apple tarte tatin.

Eric Kayser and his liquid leaven

Photograph courtesy of Eric Kayser

Q. How does the use of liquid leaven create a unique taste in your breads?

A. The first secret of the bread’s flavor comes from its fermentation. We use a traditional and natural home made liquid leaven, which has developed its unique taste, and makes a huge difference. The second secret for developing the taste is giving rest to the dough before baking. You can’t rush bread; it is a natural product which goes at its own pace.

Chef’s Paris Recommendations

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Yuzu Ice Cream Cone from Amorino

Photograph courtesy of Amorino


I love their ice cream; it is very smooth and so fresh.

4 Rue de Buci, Paris 75006, France
T: +33.(0) |

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Spices at Lafayette Gourmet

Photo Credit: erin & camera [flickr]

Lafayette Gourmet

When I cook at home, I love shopping for my ingredients here. I find everything I need in one place.

40, Boulevard Haussmann, Paris 75009, France

T: +33.(0) |

Eat | Restaurants

Chef Jean Imbert of L’Acajou

Photograph courtesy of L’Acajou


In Paris, I would recommend a good friend of mine, chef Jean Imbert. This guy is terrific. He is so imaginative and a very talented chef.

5 Rue Jean de la Fontaine, 75016 Paris, France

T: +33.(0) |

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