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Ft. Greene Farms

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Photo Credit: Erin Kestenbaum

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Ft. Greene Farms

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Red Pepper Relish

Photo Credit: Erin Kestenbaum

Charred Sriracha Hot Sauce

“It all starts with the ingredients, we use fresno chiles. Most of our competitors use serrano, jalapeño or habanero chiles and ferment them. Our fresno chiles have a floral medium heat that we roast to bring out the unique flavor and give the sauce a more well-rounded taste.”

Pickled Mustard Seeds

“We keep it simple, using only 3 ingredients. As far as our research shows, we are the only company producing the little caviar'd seeds. They add a unique punch to everything from a salad dressing to a burger topping.”

Red Pepper Relish

“This sweet and tangy condiment is versatile and tasty. Put it on a crostini with some sharp cheddar or use it to pump up your turkey sandwich.”

Q. Why did you decide to go into the business?

A. After years of restaurant experience, I found that by the time I would get home I was usually too tired to spend time crafting the little details that take a meal from good to great. Many of my friends felt the same way and I realized that home cooks are often in need of a secret ingredient or boost.

I've always enjoyed experimenting with condiments and sauces, and am a big believer in the little details. Now my favorite home-cooked experiments are available to everyone in a small batch jar. 

Q. What did you think was missing and what is the niche and need you’re filling?

A. Ft. Greene Farms provides a full line-up of small batch, elevated condiments that can take even the most basic home-cooked meal to a well-rounded, finished place. When I would go to the store a lot of jarred goods were loaded with artificial ingredients. I wanted to create something that abided by the rule that I've always followed: less is more. All of our products are crafted with a few quality, local ingredients. Because of the cooking methods, they still have a ton of flavor. We strive to elevate meals without overpowering them. 

Pickled Mustard Seeds

Photo Credit: Erin Kestenbaum

Q. What are your recommendations for the best ways to enjoy the condiments?

A. Use our Pickled Mustard Seeds on your cheese plate; the Sriracha on your morning eggs; add the Pepper Relish to your hot dog. The versatility of these products is not only unique, but allows the user to experiment with their own potential flavor combinations. 

Q. What are some unusual ways?

A. Sriracha and ice cream if you're feeling adventurous or maybe you’re pregnant. Mustard seeds and raw fish to give crudo some texture and flavor. 


Rick’s Picks

I really like what they are doing. They’re not just a pickle company, they strive to make unique flavors for their customers that you won't find anyone else doing. They are turning the users onto new flavor profiles and encouraging you to try something they might not be totally familiar with. They are the company I hope to be like when I grow up.


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The Green Grape

Photograph courtesy of The Greene Grape

Greene Grape Provisions

Not just because we are currently in their store, but even before then, they have a huge selection of specialty bottled goods. They have everything from imported tapenade spreads to our Sriracha to small batch mayonnaise. Honestly, every kind of jarred good you can think of, they have it. And once you've got your accoutrement, they have an amazing cheese selection and great butcher. I can't speak highly enough of this awesome specialty store.

767 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY

T: 718.233.2700 | www.greenegrape.com

Online Shops

Food 52

They do it all, from unique craft items for a fancy BBQ to small batch jarred goods. They are very particular about what they allow on the site and are helpful in providing the user with recipes and beautiful photography of composed plates. My wife likes to use them to buy funky disposable plates for when we have friends over in the summer and when I'm not looking she gets a fancy ketchup or BBQ sauce to make my life a little easier on the grill.

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