Barri Gotic - Barcelona, Spain


A freshly fried churro with granulated sugar and a cup of thick, creamy chocolate is about as perfect a combination as there is. Crispy, crunchy, hot, and sweetened with sugar sprinkles, the churros here are a fantastic vehicle for a rich, almost gooey, chocolate “drink.”  Essentially, a dunking vehicle. The hot chocolate is served in a cup with a saucer, but it’s nearly impossible to drink, especially if you linger over your good sized portion of churros.

Located on one of Barcelona’s busiest main drags, Via Laietana, Bar Churreria is a simple, small coffee shop. A few stools around a counter, a blinking gaming machine, and a large stove for frying up pastries. Not much else, except an espresso machine, which attracts locals coming in for their churros and a quick read of the paper.


In addition to the churros, another freshly fried specialty are the porras. Basically the same batter as the churros, but made into larger round, not ridged, fried coils. Again, served with a coating of granulated sugar and equally as good a foil to the remains of your hot chocolate. You won’t go wrong with either. In fact, we are sure you’ll keep coming back for both breakfast and a late afternoon snack.


Barri Gotic

Churros / Porras / Hot Chocolate

Via Laietana, 46

08003 Barcelona, Spain

T: +34/93.268.1263



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