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Spanish / Tapas

Multiple Locations


53 West 19th Street

New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.255-4160


171 Spring Street

New York, NY 10012 (view map)

T: 212.343.4255



Daily: 12pm - 12am


Executive Chef - Boqueria - Flatiron & Soho - New York, NY

Q & A



Marc Vidal’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in New York, Brooklyn, Miami, Barcelona, and Thailand.

Q & A with Boqueria’s Executive Chef Marc Vidal

Q. How have you made your own imprint on the Boqueria menu?

A. Our tapas menu is full of classic Spanish dishes that I grew up with, so I’ve changed the way many of the tapas are made and now they truly reflect the style of cuisine I’m most familiar with. 

I use the daily changing ‘Carta del Dia’ market menu to experiment with brand new dishes, getting to know what our guests are most interested in ordering and eating.


Q. Describe a classic / traditional tapas meal progression from both a food and drink perspective? 

A. A typical Sunday lunch at my house in Barcelona began with an aperitif of olives, canned seafood, clams, mussels, cockles, and vermouth. Next, we’d pair a cava with a selection of assorted seafood tapas that might include shrimp and more. A salad and soup (cold or hot, depending on the season) would follow. Main courses, usually paired with a red wine, included meats like rabbit, goat shoulder, or a one-pot meal with beef, pork and vegetables. Finally, for dessert my family enjoys a plate of seasonal fruits or pastries from a local bakery.


Q. What have you discovered about the way New Yorkers perceive Spanish food?

A. From what I’ve seen, they love it! Both Boqueria Flatiron and Boqueria Soho are packed every night, so Spanish food certainly seems to be popular in this town.


Q. Who else in your field is doing things you think deserve more praise?

A. Chef Xavier Franco at Restaurant Sauc, which is popular in Barcelona but I think it deserves more global recognition, is preparing delicious traditional Catalan food with a modern twist. 

Chef Alex Gares Blaya, who just took a job at the Four Seasons Koh Samui hotel in Thailand.

Pastry chef Antonio Bachour at the Trump Soho New York are both incredibly talented and I believe they deserve more recognition.


Advice / Tips

Q. What are some great Spanish cooking staples/condiments/tools to buy for our pantry?

A. To stock a perfect Spanish pantry you’ll need saffron, chorizo, pimento de la vera, Calasparra rice, canned tuna, anchovies, olive oil, sherry vinegar, piquillo peppers, paella pan, mortar and pestle, terracotta plates, and a parron or botas for wine. 

Most of these ingredients can be purchased at Despana NYC or


[See details.]



Q. Who are the food purveyors that really inspire you?

A. In New York City, I use Pat LaFrieda for the best meats and Pierless for excellent quality fish, which offer many options, and they will tell you what the freshest fish is on any given day. 

In Miami, I used Paradise Farms for wonderful local produce. 

And when in Barcelona, you don’t need to go further than the Boqueria Market for the best food purveyors in town.


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Q. What are your 5 favorite canned seafoods?

A. Don Bocarte - nice, big anchovies that are sourced from the Cantabrian Sea off the northern coast of Spain. Serve: with pan con tomate.

Ortiz - canned tuna fish. The pieces of tuna are big and the taste is great - not too fishy and mild in flavor. Serve: in a tuna salad with mayonnaise, potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Percebes de Galicia “Los Peperetes” - exquisite goose barnacles. A super high end product because they are so difficult to source - fisherman get it from the rocks off the coast. Serve: since these are such a treat, I like to eat them from the can because they have the flavor of the sea that I wouldn't want to hide.

Conservas de Cambados - tiny baby eels in olive oil. They are super fresh and, since they're canned, they're available all season long. It's one of the only canned baby eel choices available in the U.S. Serve: sautéed in olive oil with slices of garlic.

Ormaza - this tuna belly is tender and not overcooked, like some canned tuna belly. Serve: in a salad with fresh tomatoes, picked onions, olives and a simple dressing of olive oil.

[See details.]

Q. Are there any cooking resources (stores / websites) that you can pass along as good places to get information or products?

A., Despana NYC, and Forever Cheese are great places to buy products.

As for information, I love reading Spanish food blogs like:



And reading Pau Arenos’ restaurant reviews to keep my finger on the pulse of the dining scene in Barcelona.


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Q. Are there any food markets that you like (anywhere) that are worth going out of your way to visit for buying food or just browsing and which specific vendors should we visit?

A. In Barcelona, it’s all about the Boqueria Market. The specific vendors I like include: Avinova for poultry, rabbit and foie gras, Mas Gourmet for cured meats and hams, Marisc Genaro for seafood, Peix Pepita for Mediterranean fish, Soley for produce, and Petra Setas for the mushrooms. 

In New York, we use Eugena Lani’s Farm Stand and Paffenroth Gardens at the Union Square Greenmarket.  

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New York

Q. Aside from your own restaurant, where do you go to get a taste of Spain in New York?

A. Txikito reminds me most of Spain, with great food, ingredients, a mix of traditional and modern preparations and flavors, all in a cozy atmosphere with friendly and warm staff. I’m friends with Eder Montero and Alex Raij, the chef/owners.

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Q. What restaurants have you found in New York that serve food you crave... and what do you love to order?

A. I love going to the Ace Hotel for both The Breslin (for the Chargrilled Lamb Burger with feta, cumin mayo & thrice cooked chips; Herbed Caesar salad with anchovy croutons; and Crispy Sweetbreads with curried lentils) and the John Dory Oyster Bar (for oysters, of course). 

I also find myself craving the pizza from Roberta’s in Bushwick.


[See details.]


Q. If you went back to Barcelona, what food would you want to eat and where would you go?

A. I like to eat super simple food where the products are the star. In Barcelona, Cal Pep offers small plates of amazing seafood, as does Kiosko Universal in the Boqueria Market.

And go to Fonda Gaig for traditionally Catalonian cuisine, and Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo for high-quality tapas.  

[See details.]


Q. Where would you send us in Miami that only locals know about?

A. In Miami, I would send you to Xixon Café for delicious traditional Spanish fare and their weekly Wednesday rabbit dinners.

I also like Mandolin Agean Bistro, a Greek restaurant, for simple grilled dishes and a friendly staff. Also, Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill, Pubbelly, and anything by Michelle Bernstein or Michael Schwartz

[See details.]


Q. When you have time off, where do you like to go for drinks in New York / Miami / Barcelona?

New York

A. I love going to the Little Branch in New York City for a great drink in a fun and casual speakeasy atmosphere. We only have a few places like it in Barcelona. 


A. In Miami, I love the drinks at the Living Room at the W Hotel where mixologists Elad Zvi and Gabriel Orta make modern and inventive cocktails.


A. For the best cocktails in Barcelona, go to Dry Martini.

[See details.]

Q. Are there sherries you like to drink and what do you like about them?

A. I enjoy Fino sherry for its dry and not-too-sweet flavor profile; it’s a great warm weather sherry. I also love Palo Cortado sherries as an aperitif because they are rich, crisp and pair well with many cold starters.

Q. When it comes to aperitifs and digestifs, what are some of your favorite ways to start an evening and end an evening?

A. Beginning a meal with Cava is great because it’s a light drink and the bubbles are so refreshing.

My go-to drink at the end of any meal is a gin and tonic, as it helps digestion and I also enjoy the slightly bitter taste, with a big ice cube and lemon peel.


Details of Marc Vidal’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in New York, Brooklyn, Miami, Barcelona, and Thailand.


- Almejas con Ajo y Perejil (Clams With Salsa Verde)