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Jacob Sessoms’ recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Asheville, Atlanta, Charleston and Lexington.

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Contemporary American

48 College Street

Asheville, NC  28801

T: 828.254.8980 (Book a Table)




Asheville, NC

Q & A with Chef Jacob Sessoms

Q. Tell us about about Table:

A. Table is a seasonal, New American restaurant focused on all culinary traditions, but with a strong bent towards our Southern roots.

We are committed, beyond marketing slogans and current trends, to cooking what is fresh, local, and should be seasonally prepared each day. As an environment, Table is a small, contemporary space with about 45 seats and an inviting, open kitchen.

Q. You moved back to Asheville from New York, what brought you back?

A. My family and I left the city to sell our house, here in Asheville, to move elsewhere. However, Asheville offered a comfortable lifestyle for us and an easy place to open our first restaurant.

Q. What do you miss about New York?

A. I miss the restaurants... the true ethnic offerings, the new trendsetters, and the great standard bearers of fine dining. I miss city life in many ways, life is of a different pace in a small city.


Photographs courtesy of Table & Jacob Sessoms

Advice / Tips

Pantry Item Not To Be Skimped On | Fresh Vanilla Beans

I never hesitate to keep fresh vanilla beans. Regardless of price, we will not use any substitute for fresh beans.

Cost Cutting Secret | Juanita’s Canned Hominy

It’s our favorite cheap go-to ingredient. I love it and most people outside of the South or Latin communities seem to have much connection to it. The saltiness is good and the kernels are big and plump. We do posales for brunch a lot. Traditional braised pork and hominy, Mexican style soup. The most frequent use for us is simmering it in cream.

Cost Cutting Secret | The Whole Animal

Another way we work towards value-packing our production is whole animal use. A half calf, whole pig, or whole lamb gives the kitchen so many options to charge well for premium cuts and stretch lesser cuts into all manner of slow-cooked, cured, and interesting offal preparations.

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A Chef’s Recs | Asheville, SC

Find | Local Markets

Asheville City Market

Photographs courtesy of: Asheville City Market

Asheville City Market

The local greenmarket scene is really good on Saturdays.

Foreign Affairs Oriental Market

It’s run by an Asheville local who is married to a Filipino woman and they have a really good southeast Asian selection of products. That would be the best source in Asheville.

Montford Farmers Market

This is a new one and there is as much offered here as you would find in the Union Square Greenmarket in New York. To be in a small town and see that is pretty cool.

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Drinks | Beer & Liquor

Beer | Hudepohl Beer

Just tried Hudepohl. Good Cincinnati beer. It’s a cheap amber lager.

After Dinner Drink | Averna Amaro

I’m into Italian bitters. Averna Amaro is the most readily available one. Bitter is great when you’re a chef. When you are constantly tasting salty and sweet and meaty, the easy go-to is to experience something different or heavily spiced or bitter.  I like my food really spicy and my drinks bitter!

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Details of Jacob Sessoms’ recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Asheville, Atlanta, Charleston and Lexington.


- Chanterelles & Fontina Val d'Aosta Bruschetta


I like to travel for my eating dollars and Charleston and Atlanta are easy destinations that we chose to go to every couple of months.

Atlanta, GA

Eat | Restaurants

Restaurant Eugene

Holeman & Finch Public House

I’m friends with [chef] Linton Hopkins, so I really like to go to his restaurants.

Cakes and Ale

We had a really good meal here. Really simple neighborhoody kind of spot and really good food.

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Charleston, SC

Eat | Restaurants


In Charleston, my favorite restaurant, by far, is FIG. Of any restaurant in the Southeast, the menu is very close to mine. Mike [chef Lata] doesn’t change the menu as often as we do. I’ve eaten there many times and every single dish that comes out of the kitchen is good, if not fantastic and everybody I send there has the same response.

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Lexington, KY

Eat | Restaurants

Table 310

The most interesting modern eating experience I’ve had recently. It’s small plates. I’m not all that down with the whole small plate format, but the food is simple, locally inspired, awesome wine list, and a really hip spot

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New York, NY & Online

Find | Favorite Online Resource


I used to shop there when I lived in New York City and then I discovered that I could easily find and purchase all the stuff online that I was missing.

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Eat | Restaurants

Chicken at Rocky’s | Cucina 24 | Mama’s Fast Food

Photographs courtesy of: Rocky’s | Cucina 24 | susanlee828 [flickr]

Where to Take A Visiting Chef | Cucina 24

I always go here for fairly straightforward Northern Italian.

Where to Take A Visiting Chef | Taqueria Gonzalez

Me and all my cooks eat here. It is a truly authentic taqueria, with Saturday and Sunday entrees and soups, very traditional. As a chef, you know our favorite thing is truly authentic food, not always going out to fine dining. It’s completely undiscovered, which is awesome.

Where to Take A Visiting Chef | Rocky’s

Friends of ours just opened up this Nashvile-style hot chicken joint. It’s pretty fun and they’re doing Prince’s-style fried chicken.

Upscale | Limones

It’s California/Mexican. It’s really good for appetizers and cocktails. Their cocktails are really good.

Upscale | Fig In Asheville

I have a lot of respect for Bill Klein, he’s a very good chef. The ownership has put his creativity on lockdown, unfortunately, after years of being able to write really good menu items. Now they’re doing straightforward bistro stuff. But he’s very good and he’s French classical in his training.

Authentic North Carolina Experience | Mama’s Fast Food

It’s a grubby place and my partner in the kitchen, we’ve been friends for 16 or 17 years, we go here for fried chicken livers. It’s a little hole in the wall.

Authentic North Carolina Experience | Tastee Diner

It’s a straight up meat and three. It’s fun. Nothing but old fogies in there.

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Drink | Bars

The Sazerac at Asheville Sazerac | The Bar at Asheville Sazerac

Photographs courtesy of: Asheville Sazerac

Asheville Sazarac

We always end up drinking here. It’s very well designed and always empty. The beverages are good and it’s really nice on Saturday night when we get out of work at midnight to go to a bar that is not filled with frat boys. It’s hard to plug it to anyone because there only like 8 people in there!

The Prospect

Totally the shit! New, but legit! Shitty street, cheap beer, no fancy cocktails. There are pretentious ‘dive bars’ and some crazy, old, scary redneck bars, but The Prospect is for real.

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