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Margot McCormack’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Nashville, TN.

Margot Cafe & Bar

Five Points / East End

French  / Italian

1017 Woodland Street

Nashville, TN 37206

T: 615.227.4668


Marche Artisan Foods

East Nashville

European Cafe & Marketplace

1000 Main Street

Nashville, TN 37206

T: 615.262.1111




Margot Cafe and Bar | Marche Artisan Foods - Nashville, TN

Q & A with Chef MArgot McCormack

Q. For visitors coming to Nashville, please tell us about Margot Cafe and Bar.  

A. Margot Cafe and Bar is a casual fine dining restaurant in the heart of East Nashville. The refurbished gas station offers three distinct dining rooms: the bustling first floor which provides a front row seat to the open kitchen; the mezzanine second floor, usually a bit quieter and more suited for a romantic dinner; and our patio, covered and heated in winter and open for an al fresco meal in warmer weather. Our menu is inspired by the foods of Southern France and Italy. We use as many local and sustainable products as we can to create our daily changing menu. We have a small bar serving the finest cocktails and high alcohol beers in addition to our wine list that reflects small boutique wineries and lesser known varietals.


Photo Credit: Bob Delevante

Advice / Tips

Cost Cutting Secret

I guess I would have to say using the product as its best self. The more you put your knife on something the more you waste. For example, I always thought the French technique of tournee was so wasteful. What's the point of the seven sided carrot? Just let the carrots be themselves.



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A Chef’s Recs | Nashville, TN

Find | Resources

Favorite Resource For Food-Related INformation | Conversation

Good old fashioned conversation. I learn more each day from my cooks and servers. We talk about what new restaurant just opened up, an article in a magazine or newspaper, an episode of Top Chef, a scene in a movie or book. It's so much more information than you could gather on your own.

Find | Ingredients

Eaton’s Creek Organics | Benton’s Bacon and Country Hamd

Photographs courtesy of: Eaton’s Creek Organics | Find. Eat. Drink. LLC

Favorite Store Bought Ingredient | Benton’s Bacon

I know a lot of people are using mayonnaise and ketchup and thinking it's cool, but we really don't buy much prepared food- we make so much of what is on our menu. I suppose I would have to say Benton's Bacon, which is so in the moment right now, but true.

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Favorite Local Farmers | Eaton’s Creek Organics

I am super spoiled. Tana Comer of Eaton's Creek Organics and I have worked most closely with for over 10 years will grow just about anything I ask her to but I usually go with her strengths and what she has experience with. 

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Find | Markets

Produce @ the Nashville Farmers’ Market

Photographs courtesy of: Nashville Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ Markets

The Nashville Farmers’ Market is the largest, but during the height of the season each neighborhood has its own market that has its own identity. They are really cool and fun and attract a following. It's almost like a party every week with music and food trucks and other entertainment in addition to the great food.

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Eat | Restaurants

City House

Photograph courtesy of: City House

Local Restaurant To Take A Visiting Chef | City House

I would definitely go to City House. The chef and owner, Tandy Wilson, was my sous chef for several years. Great food in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. I would definitely order the belly ham pizza and whatever vegetable/salad preparations he is offering at the time. Also a drink called the Trixie which mixes Corsair gin, lemon and mint.

Favorite Off The Beaten Track

Pho @ Kien Giang | Thai Green Curry @ Thai Phooket

Photograph courtesy of: City House

The thing that all these places have in common is great food. There's no fuss, no attitude, no big price tag.

Kien Giang

For Vietnamese Bahn Mi and Pho.

Thai Phooket

For Thai Green Curry.

Mas Tacos

For their tacos!

La Cazuela

For Mexican pescado ceviche.

Quintessential Nashville

Chicken at Prince’s and Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint

Photograph courtesy of Atomic Pope [flickr] | Martin’s Bar-B-Que

Pancake Pantry & Loveless Cafe

Seems like when people ask about quintessential Nashville restaurants, these two spots always top the list. But there are others, less lauded and probably just as deserving.


I suppose Monell’s is quintessentially Nashville and it’s decidedly Southern with its big breakfast buffet. The fried chicken is ridiculously good and the corn pudding and all the pies.


Hot chicken is a growing trend. There are a few places you could go, but probably most agree that Prince's is the best.

Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint

And I guess you'd have to have barbecue on the list. Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint seems to be the destination.

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Drink | Restaurants

Favorite Watering Hole | Patterson House

To be honest, I don't drink much anymore. But on my last birthday I had drinks with friends at the Patterson House and loved it. I don't think I'd call this a watering hole. It was a very good time, appointed nicely without being overdone. Our service was excellent and the best part was that my drink was delicious. It was gin and sparkling wine with grapefruit juice.

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Details of Margot McCormack’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Nashville, TN.

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