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Photographs courtesy of Brandon McGlamery & Prato


Winter Park, FL

Q & A with Chef Brandon McGlamery

Q. For people who have never been to your restaurants, can we get a brief description and dishes to try?

A. We really try to stick to seasonally-directed and ingredient-driven as our motto, and it’s in all that we do at both restaurants. 

Luma on Park

It’s more of our version of new American cuisine with a strong respect for technique and innovation with common (and sometimes not so common) foods. For example, these are some recent menu dishes -- Ocala rabbit Bratwurst with Turnip Sauerkraut and Chestnuts, and 48 Hour Waygu Beef Short Rib with Black Truffle Cavatelli, Apples and Brussels Sprout Leaves. 


We cook with a strong reference that is Italian-inspired, with dishes cooked in our two Acunto ovens which we imported from Naples, Italy. All of our pasta is either rolled or extruded here. The menu is a lot simpler at Prato than Luma, which is harder to pull off because you have less to hide behind, so it’s important that all of our ingredients are top notch. Menu examples are -- Pea Shoot Spaghettini with Porcini Mushroom Carbonara and Fennel, and Florida Red Snapper Crudo with Avocado, Radish and Blood Orange.


Luma On Park

Winter Park

Contemporary American

290 S. Park Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789

T: 407.599.4111 (make a reservation)




Mon - Sun: 4pm - close


Mon - Sun: 5:30pm - close


Winter Park


124 North Park Avenue

Winter Park, FL 32789

T: 407.262.0050 (make a reservation)



Wed- Sun: 11:30am - 3pm

Mon - Sat: 5:30pm - 12:30am

Sun : 5:30pm - 11:30pm



Q & A

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Cooking Advice & Tips


Cooking With Spices | Layer

I’m a huge believer in seasoning in layers, so when you’re cooking onions first for a tomato soup, it’s important to season the onions as you’re first cooking them to pull and extract as much of the flavors as possible, and seasoning the tomatoes when you add them, and so on. And seasoning at the last minute is very minimal, because you seasoned as you added layers in the cooking process.

Storing Them

I recommend that you store all spices in airtight containers and buy them in small quantities, so that you can easily replenish them as you use them and keep a fresh rotating stock.


Chef’s Recs

Pimenton D’Espelette | Fennel Pollen | Maldon Sea Salt

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Piment D’Espelette A.O.C.

We have a love affair with Espellete pepper for its ability to add sweetness at the same time as a hit of spice.

Fennel Pollen

For its pure flavor pop on certain items like fish or soups. 

Kosher Salt

I love kosher salt to season all food. I find it easy to gauge in your fingertips as to the exact amount that is desired, where as fine sea salt you could easily over season. 

Maldon Salt

I love Maldon Salt for its flaky texture and how it feels on the tongue. It’s funny that salt is the only rock we eat, or so I’ve been told.

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Chef’s Recs | Florida

Winter Park Farmers Market | Meat House Butchers Shop

Photographs courtesy of Winter Park Farmers Market | Meat House Butcher Shop

Find | Food Markets & Stores

Winter Park Farmers Market

It’s great on Saturday mornings. 

Meat House Butcher Shop

They have killer meats, great beers and cheeses. They are a very welcomed addition to our wonderful and growing food scene down here in Central Florida.

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Eat | Restaurants

The Garden at Primo | Sushi at Shin | Mussels at Ravenous Pig

Photographs courtesy of Primo | Shin | Ravenous Pig

Restaurants I’d Take A Visiting Chef

Orlando | Primo

I love Melissa Kelly’s place in the JW Marriott, plus they have a creek behind the hotel where you can canoe! It is actually the headwaters to the Florida everglades.

Orlando | Shin

I love Ken, my sushi guru at Shin. He is also a great fisherman and has extensive knowledge on all types of fish. 

Winter Park | Ravenous Pig

I have a lot of admiration and respect for my friends at the Ravenous Pig. They are putting their stamp on our food scene.

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German Food at The Willow Tree

Photographs courtesy of The Willow Tree

Off The Beaten Track

Sanford | The Willow Tree

Awesome German food.

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JB’s Fish Camp

Photographs courtesy of JB’s Fish Camp

New Smyrna Beach | JB’s Fish Camp

I love the clams and they actually have the clam farm behind the restaurant. They are also the only clams I purchase for my restaurants. Anyone can buy them onsite to take home.

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Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant | The Pink Elephant | Camelia Street Grill

Photographs courtesy of Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant | The Pink Elephant | Camelia Street Grill

Old School Classic Florida

St. Petersburg Beach | The Hurricane

For smoked mullet and saltine crackers.

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Cabbage Key | Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant

For cheeseburgers.

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Boca Grande | The Pink Elephant

Gasparilla Island becomes my home during the tarpon season. It has amazing conch fritters, as well as great fish sandwiches. You can pull your boat up and then hit the tarpon again in the evening or call it a day after a couple strong salty margaritas, backed up by some beers.

Boca Grande | Temptations

For the crab dip.

Boca Grande | Loose Caboose

For the island grouper wrap.

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Everglades City | Camelia Street Grill

For swamp cabbage (hearts of palm) salad with stone crabs.

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Hollywood | Le Tub

The best burgers in the country.

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- Glazed Duck


Details of Brandon McGlamery’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Florida.

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