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Photographs courtesy of Yardbird Southern Table & Bar


Miami Beach, FL

Q & A with Chef Jeff McInnis

Eat | Must Try Dishes At Yardbird

Yardbird’s Fried Chicken & Shrimp and Grits

Photographs courtesy of Yardbird Southern Table & Kitchen

Fried Chicken

Cooked using a 150-year old recipe. It’s served with tupelo honey for a touch of sweetness, cheddar-chive waffles, and a refreshing, juicy watermelon salad with a kick of heat from chiles.

Brunswick Stew

Served with house-made alligator sausage and rabbit.

Shrimp & Grits

A classic Southern dish with the volume turned up.



Jeff McInnis’ recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Miami, the Florida Keys, the Florida Panhandle and Charleston.

Yardbird Southern Table & Kitchen

South Beach

Modern Southern / American

1600 Lenox Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

T: 305.538.5220



Sun - Thu: 12pm - 12am

Fri - Sat: 12pm - 2am


A Chef’s Recs | The Florida Keys

Drink | Bars


Photo Credit: Kyriaki [flickr]

Jimbo’s [NOW CLOSED]

One of a kind. Not sure if it even classifies as a bar. It’s just a shack made of drift wood and old barnacle-filled boat wood. No liquor, no wine and no nonsense. It’s located on a small secluded island just south of Miami. Jimbo Luznar is one of the last recorded squatters in Florida.

Grab beers out of a washtub full of ice. The decor is great: a big rusty old school bus, abandoned cars, lots of leftover movie props from: the original Porkeys, Island Claws, Blood and Wine, Wild Things, Ace Ventura, True Lies and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

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A Chef’s Recs | Florida Panhandle

Eat | Restaurants


Photographs courtesy of Fire At Gulf Place

Fire At Gulf Place

Anything off of the chef’s menu.

Joe & Eddie’s

It’s a great diner with traditional diner food. They do the diner classics – burgers, shakes, breakfast items, fries, and all-American entrees – very well.

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Eat & Drink | Wine & Cheese

Chan’s Wine World

They sell great wine and cheese.

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A Chef’s Recs | Charleston, SC

Eat | Restaurants

Food at Husk and McCrady’s

Photographs courtesy of Husk and McCrady’s


FIG is a restaurant in Charleston that I really like. Any of the fish entrees and the suckling pig confit are must-orders.

Husk & McCrady’s

I respect what Sean Brock has done with McCrady’s and Husk. The menu changes daily, but anything with Heritage pork or duck is fantastic.

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A Chef’s Resources

Cookbooks | Thomas Keller’s Books

All of Thomas Keller’s books, but specifically Under Pressure and Ad Hoc At Home. His emphasis on impeccable technique is inspiring, and I think both books – one focused on the exacting technique of sous vide and the other on relaxed family recipes – show the same kind of versatility that I aspire to have as a chef.

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- Yardbird Southern Table & Bar Macaroni and Cheese


Details of Jeff McInnis’ recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Miami, the Florida Keys, the Florida Panhandle and Charleston.

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Find | Southern ingredients

Where To Buy Southern Staples

Miami has a number of great farmer’s markets, and they’re the first places I visit to find fresh Southern produce. However, I source some of the ingredients at Yardbird -- like molasses, some grains, and certain produce items -- from farms and suppliers in the Deep South.

Abita Beer

We use it in BBQ sauce, on collard greens (braised in straight beer) and in the shrimp and grits.

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A Chef’s Recs | Miami, FL

Find | Markets

Stone Crab Claws and Fish from Casablanca Fish Market

Photographs courtesy of Casablanca Fish Market

Fish | Casablanca Fish Market

A fantastic fish market on the Miami River. It’s a great place to get fresh snapper and grouper.

Ethnic | PK Oriental Market

I love it -- I can always find everything from exotic and unique noodles to abalone.

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Eat | Restaurants

Tacos at Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Photograph courtesy of Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Where To Take A Visiting Chef


I’d put them on my boat and take them to Garcia’s for fresh fish.

The Standard

I would also take them to the Standard for their chickpea fries and their vegan lasagna (Living “Lasagna” Terrine).

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

For a quick taco.

[See details.]

Off The Beaten Track

Chow Down Bar And Grill [NOW CLOSED]

Order the special fish of the day – any of the crudo or whole fish preparations are very fresh and good. The Shrimp Dumplings with Squid Ink are also great with a beer (Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale).

Cheese Me [NOW CLOSED]

This is my favorite food truck. Order your sandwich on Texas Toast – it’s the best variation.

Sardinia Ristorante

While this place tends to be busy on the weekends, it’s slightly off the beaten path from the craziness that is South Beach, right near the water. Go simple when ordering – the Bucatini al Guanciale e Pomodoro is my favorite pasta on the menu, featuring sweet tomatoes and rich guanciale.

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Drink | Bars

Churchill’s Pub | Taps at The Room

Photographs courtesy of Churchill’s Pub | The Room

Churchill’s Pub

It’s a hip bar in the middle of Miami. It’s loaded with character. There’s a huge stage that features great bands live nightly. Also, unlike almost every bar in the city, there's actually a parking lot!

The Room

It’s a hidden gem that serves wine and beer only.

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