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Edition: 9 June, 2010
McClure's Bloody Mary Mix
McClures Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

The Bloody Mary has become the iconic brunch beverage and tops most people's "hair of the dog that bit them" cure. While it's nice to make your own concoction, sometimes lifting the bottle of vodka is enough work on the morning after. For those times when you crave ready-made, McClure's Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer is a refreshing briny blend with just an ounce of kick.

Made by rising star artisanal pickle making brothers, Joe and Bob McClure, who wanted to make something distinct with fresh flavor. They combined cayenne and habanero peppers with fresh pressed cucumber juice and the result is a clean brightness from the acidity and pickling juice, and a spicy finish from the peppers.

Head mixologist at Buddakan in NYC, Joe Thompson, uses McClure's Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer. He loves how well balanced the mixture is and says there's no need to add anything but vodka.

The brothers McClure recommend using Valentine's Vodka, which is made in Michigan and is Detroit's first handcrafted distilled spirit since prohibition. Bob McClure says the sweet fruitiness of the vodka, lack of astringency, and no back taste creates nice layering with the heat of their Bloody Mary mixture.

Award-wining Tito's Handmade Vodka is also on their recommendation list. It's produced in Austin at Texas' first and oldest legal distillery. Tito's last name is Beveridge, so you hope he knows what he's doing. The vodka consistently gets praise for its clean, simple, and straightforward taste.

For a garnish, the McClures recommend a pickle spear. Which, let’s face it, really does have more flavor than celery and gives you a nice excuse to try one of their other products.

Don't want to pickle your liver with an alcoholic drink? The McClure's provide a gumbo recipe using their Spicy Bloody Mary Mixer.

Recommendations from Bob and Joe McClure

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