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Avedano's Holly Park Market

235 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

T: 415.285.6328

Bernal Heights


San Francisco

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Wine Country, CA

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Kitchen Tools

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It’s a couple of gals that revived an old art deco butcher shop in an outlying neighborhood. They are doing a good job. They’ll do cutting demos and people will pay to watch them cut up a pig. I really get a kick out of them. I had the chance to sit down to dinner with them and chat for a long time. They are a couple of cute gals that love cutting up meat.


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Liverpool Lil’s

2942 Lyon Street,  San Francisco, CA 94123

T: 415.921.6664

Marina / Cow Hollow

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They do a great burger. It’s got the ambience and the whole thing. It’s an absolutely fantastic place. Anyone who comes to San Francisco should visit. It’s kind of a little hole in the wall tucked in by the Presidio. It’s just a hoot. I think they use a basic chuck, so it’s not like it’s an over the top blend, it’s just flat out good.

Press Restaurant

587 Saint Helena Highway, St. Helena, CA 94574

T: 707.967.0550

St. Helena


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For their steak.

Forschner Knives

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If you just want a very good tool that will serve you well for years in the kitchen, get yourself a traditional 6 inch boning knife, a 12 inch chef’s knife, a 6 inch curved chicken knife. Get 4 of the basic knifes and you are good to go.

Bryan Flannery | Bryan’s Fine Foods

March 23, 2012

Photographs courtesy of Bryan’s Fine Foods


Butcher Bryan Flannery is the owner of Bryan’s Fine Foods.


Bryan is a second-generation butcher who has built a reputation as one of the country’s best for his meticulous sourcing and high caliber products.

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