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F.E.D. Holiday Gift Guide - Find. Eat. Drink.


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The Sausage Martini À La Joe Beef

Holiday Gift Guide - 2011

Book | The Art Of Living According To Joe Beef

Why: Everything from recipes to personal anecdotes to tips on how to build a a backyard smoker.

Price: $23.33


Vermouth | Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

Recommended By: Bartenders Chris McMillian and Mike Ryan

Why: “For a classic martini you need a good dry vermouth like Noilly Prat.”

Price: $22 per bottle

Buy: From These Retailers

Vienna Sausage

Why: “It just makes sense that if you want a snack in your liquor, you should make it sausage.”

Price: ~ $5 for six cans


Cocktail Glasses | The Sidebar Project

Why: Mouth-blown, non-lead-crystal, designed by Roman Vrtiska and made by Bohemia Machine. A collaboration between Teroforma and urbancase.

Price: $55 per glass

Buy: Contact Teroforma

Tabasco Sauce

Why: A drop for a touch of spiciness.

Price: $9 for a 5oz. bottle


Vodka | Karlsson’s & Tito’s

Recommended By: Mixologist Jim Meehan | Chef Anito Lo

Why: “Titos gives a wonderful full mouth feel and viscosity unlike other vodkas.”

Price: ~$27 for Karlsson’s | ~$18 for Tito’s

Buy: Karlsson’s | Tito’s


Give the gift of the fixings for a classically unique cocktail: Joe Beef’s Sausage Martini from The Art Of Living According To Joe Beef.'s+vodka/1/usa's/1/usa