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- Mixologist Brook Reitz (FIG Bar Manager / Creator of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.)


Mike Ryan’s recommendations for what to drink and where to eat and drink in Chicago.

Sable Kitchen & Bar - Chicago, IL


Sable Kitchen & Bar

River North

American / Cocktail Lounge

505 North State Street

Chicago, IL 60654

T: 312.755.9704 (make a reservation)



Q & A With Mike Ryan

Q. You worked as a sous chef at one of the more cutting edge restaurants in the country, Moto. What have you taken from working there that you currently use?

A. Honestly, the most important thing I learned at Moto was how to think outside the box when problem solving. We made a lot of our own tools and kitchen implements there, and that mentality has carried over into how we have retrofitted our bar to be more efficient during service.

Q. What’s your "desert island drink" - the one drink you never tire of making for yourself?

A. I never get tired of a classic Daiquiri. I like it a hair on the sweet side, with a rich, fat rum.


Advice / Tips

Overlooked Ingredients | Savory Ingredients For Cocktails


It’s delicious; you can smoke or grill it and press it to make a robust juice.

Root Vegetables

I'm also a fan of root vegetables, like beets and celeriac; both make tasty juices and syrups.

Vermouth | Tips & Recommendations


Vermouth is wine, albeit aromatized and fortified, so treat it as such.


It needs to be kept in the fridge with the cap on, and should be used within a couple of weeks at most.


If you can, buy smaller bottles.

How To Drink Vermouth

- Drink it on its own, over ice, with a twist of lemon.

- For a classic Martini, you need a good dry vermouth like Noilly Prat or Dolin.

- For a classic Manhattan, you need a good sweet vermouth like Carpano Antica Formula or Cinzano.

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Find | Ingredients

New Ingredients / Spirit | Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao Ancienne Methode

One of the more exciting things that I've been playing with is Pierre Ferrand's new dry Curacao. It should be on shelves very soon. It's based on a classic formulation that David Wondrich helped dig up. It’s amazing in classic structures like Sidecars and Margaritas.

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Find | Resources

Magazine & Blogs

I read Imbibe magazine and follow a lot of blogs on, because the content is genuine and bartender-focused.

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Eat | Chicago

Hot Doug’s | Boka |  Big Star

Photo Credit: Arnold Gatilao [flickr] | Boka | Big Star

Where The Local’s Go

Hot Doug's, Big Star, Longman & Eagle, and Boka are my top picks in Chicago right now.

Iconic chicago | Chicago Dog at Portillo’s

Classic Chicago dog, go to almost any hot dog stand in the city to get a good one, although Portillo's is one of my favorites.

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Photo Credit: Cris Molina

Drink | Chicago

The Whistler | Bar Deville

Photographs courtesy of The Whistler | Bar Deville

Where To Take A Visiting Bartender | The Whistler

They make great drinks and are just solid, great folks.

Late Night | O’Callaghan’s

Our late-night after-work bar, again because of the people there.

Liquor Selection | Bar Deville

Great liquor selection, great drinks, great music.

New | Barrelhouse Flat

It just opened and already I think it is going to be one of the great bars in the city.

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Details of Mike Ryan’s recommendations for what to drink and where to eat and drink in Chicago.

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