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Why Tonic Syrup?

I do some consulting work for hotels in the States and abroad, where we basically go in and reinvent their F&B [food and beverage] operations from the inside out. My focus, as part of this team, is always the bar.

Depending on the operation, the first thing I usually suggest is moving away from soda guns and replacing them with bottled sodas, tonic, soda water, etc. I think it gives you a fresher, better product, and provides the chance to introduce some new products, rather than being tied to the major soda brands that make their products available for that system. That way you can use some local sodas, some handcrafted products, and just improve the whole experience and make it more reflective of where you are. 

My favorite summer cocktail has always been a gin & tonic - it's restorative properties are insane - but I could never find a tonic that I really loved.

Fever Tree, out of England, was my favorite, but it was hard to track down in a lot of markets. Most other tonics were too sweet, or too bitter for my tastes, so I set out to create my own - something that was bright, fresh, zesty, and soft enough to not overpower a good gin. It started out as a practice for some of these hotel properties, and I fell in love with it, so I made it my own, tinkered with the recipe until it was perfect, and then set out to begin bottling it.

The Difference

The most important thing is the flavor. It's light, crisp and refreshing, with a soft backbone of quinine that makes it incredibly quaffable. Beyond that, the tonic is in syrup form, so it won't lose it's edge. Behind a bar, you might pop a bottle of tonic, and it could lose its bubbles before you sell the next Gin & Tonic.

Since Jack Rudy isn't carbonated, it won't go bad between drinks, and most bars are going through a consistent amount of soda water, so the carbonation stays strong throughout the night. It also has a use as a cocktail ingredient for shaken drinks. Some of our customers use it outside of a gin & tonic, which I love.

Beyond the G & T

You can have some fun with it by simply switching up the gin you use.

116 Crown | New Haven, CT

They use it in a Jack Rudy Margarita. [Get the recipe]

The Cocktail Club | Charleston, SC

They pour it in their spin on a Paloma.

Husk | Charleston, SC

They use it with tequila as well - is there a pattern forming?

Peels | New York, NY

They pair it with Farmer's Gin. It's also good for treating malaria.

Cocktail Recipes

- Classic Gin & Tonic

- Corpse Reviver #5

- Jack Rudy Margarita

Bartender’s Tips

Don’t Skimp On...

Anything. If you skimp on anything, you get a drink that tastes like you skimped on something.

Favorite Ingredients...

Low proof aperitifs like Campari, Aperol, Cocchi Americano, Lillet Blanc and Pastis. But, if I had to choose just one ingredient, I would say fresh-squeezed juices.

5 Tools / Ingredients Everyone Should Own...

Naming only five is difficult. I think if you are making drinks at home, you are entertaining and you just want to have a good time and a delicious drink without too much fuss. That being said, I don't worry about shakers or strainers. I think you need:

1. A great bottle of gin.

2. A bottle of Campari.

3. A bottle of Lillet Blanc (or Cocchi Americano if it's available where you are).

4. Fresh citrus.

5. Soda water.

If it's winter, replace the gin with bourbon, the Campari for sweet vermouth and the Lillet Blanc with Averna, and you're set.

Syrups & Ingredients

P&H Soda Syrup Company

I love what he is doing and identify with him.

Morris Kitchen

For their ginger syrup.

Small Hand Foods

Jennifer Colliau has certainly served as an inspiration for me.

Mikuni Wild Harvest

Tyler Gray is doing some cool things with his new maple syrups.

Blenheim's Ginger Ale

It’s based here in South Carolina. Their stuff is insane good.

Cocktail Resources


Mud Puddle Books (mudpuddleinc.com)

They have done a great job with re-issuing some classic cocktail books, but many of them are too esoteric for my tastes.

Savoy Cocktail Book (Buy on Amazon.com)

I love this cocktail book.


Esquire Magazine (www.esquire.com)

I can always count on David Wondrich to be right on the money in his Esquire articles.

Imbibe Magazine (www.imbibemagazine.com)

It’s a great magazine and they certainly have their finger on the pulse of all imbibe-able liquids - coffee, beer, spirits, etc.

Class Magazine (www.diffordsguide.com/class-magazine)

I read it online, because I can't afford a subscription.

Charleston Guide

Eat | Restaurants


Jason Stanhope, who has been chef Mike Lata's right-hand-man for some time, is now manning the kitchen as Chef de Cuisine. His food is pure, light, simple and delicious. A meal at the bar, under the guidance of Wine Director / General Manager David McCarus is not to be missed.

The Ordinary

It can't be beat for seafood. I was the General Manager there through the opening year, and the quality, consistency and freshness in unrivaled in the city. Simply pristine.

Wild Flour

I go here for their sticky buns.


Order a pizza and the wood roasted vegetable salad.

Tattooed Moose

For the Cuban sandwich and the sound system.

Bertha's Kitchen

For fried fish and proper steam table vegetables.

Butcher & Bee

It's a hidden gem and the menu is fun and ever changing. Get the vegetable plate.

Oh, and you can’t forget McCrady's.

Damn, we have no shortage of fine food!

Eat | Where The Locals Eat

Taco Boy

For guacamole and frozen screwdrivers.

Monza + Extra Virgin Oven

For pizza.

Bin 152

For a glass of wine and some great cheese.

Marina Variety Store

For breakfast and the best view in town.

Eat | South Carolina Experience

Bowen's Island

For roasted oysters, cold beer. It's a real South Carolina experience and the only place like it I've ever encountered.

Drink | Start The Night

The Rarebit

Start with a Moscow Mule. Light and easy-going, it's a good way to kick off the evening.

Drink | End The Night

The Belmont

End with a neat whiskey at The Belmont, or a nightcap from my home bar.

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