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Chris McMillian is the Chief Mixologist at Bar UnCommon in the Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel. He is an award-winning, fourth-generation bartender and a founder of the Museum of the American Cocktail.


Chris McMillian is one of the most respected bartenders in America. Known for his craft of making classic cocktails, he is also a great storyteller and has an incredible depth of historic knowledge.

Recommended By

- Bartender Chris Hannah (Arnaud’s French 75, New Orleans, LA)


Chris McMillian’s recommendations for where to drink in New Orleans and around the country.

Campari Mojito

Courtesy of Chris McMillian and Campari

The interaction between the mint, the lime and the Campari is surprising and very good.

Photograph courtesy of Campari


1 drink


- 1½ oz. Campari

- ½ oz. raw sugar syrup

- ½ oz. fresh lime juice

- Club soda

- Large quantity of fresh mint

- Crushed ice


1) In a tall glass, muddle mint and sugar syrup.

2) Add crushed ice and then Campari.

3) Stir until well chilled.

4) Spritz with club soda.

5) Garnish with mint sprig.


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Q & A

Bar Uncommon - New Orleans, LA

Bar Uncommon

Central Business District

Cocktail Lounge / Bar

Renaissance Pere Marquette Hotel

817 Common Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
T: 504.525.1111


Museum Of the American cocktail

Riverwalk Marketplace

Cocktail Museum

1 Poydras Street, Suite 169

New Orleans, LA 70130

T: 504.569.0405



Mon - Sat: 10am - 7pm

Sun: 12pm - 6pm


Gin Martini

Courtesy of Chris McMillian

I enjoy my martini very classically: Beefeater gin, Noily Pratt, maybe a dash of orange bitters, with as cold as ice as I can get, stirred in a small glass with a lemon twist. I love olives, but I’m not an olive in my martini person.

I love Plymouth Gin, but for me it’s not a martini gin. In fact, the very first published recipe of the gin martini, as we know it, included Plymouth Gin in the 1890’s. They changed the formulation of the gin and it’s not the same gin today, that it was then.


1 drink


- 3 parts Beefeater gin

- 1 part Noilly Prat dry vermouth

- 1 dash orange bitters

- Lemon twist


1) In a mixing glass add gin, vermouth and bitters over ice.

2) Stir until well chilled.

3) Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

4) Garnish with a lemon twist.

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