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General Information

Bodegas Tradición

c/ Cordobeses, 3

11408 Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

T: +34.956.16.86.28



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New York City: 10/5/2013 - 10/8/2013

Toronto: 10/9/2013 - 10/10/2013









Photograph courtesy of Bodegas Tradicion

Bodegas Tradición

Bodegas Tradición sherries are hand-crafted, pure, not fined or chill-filtered, authentic breeds from Jerez. I enjoy drinking Tradicion in an large wine glass. After pouring the wine, I allow it to breath to enjoy the immense variety of aromas. Except for Finos, which I prefer slightly colder, I drink sherry at the same temperature as red wine.

Other Sherries

I enjoy lighter sherries when having long lunches or dinners with friends, such as cold, refreshing Manzanillas or Finos either from El Puerto or Jerez.

Sherry Misunderstood

Sherry has been mistreated and misconceived in the last decades. Previously it was drunk as a table wine, but then shifted to an aperitif wine. This shift caused it to lose value. Nobody realizes that these wines were poured with meals at the table of every Royal Family in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. They were as valued as Burgundy or Bordeaux wines.

Pairings: traditional and worth trying. Iberico Ham & Spicy Chinese Food

Photograph courtesy of Spanish Food | Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Favorite Food Pairings


Traditional: shrimps or clams.

Try it with: dried tuna.


Traditional: Ibérico ham.

Try it with: roasted suckling pig, lamb, with beef stew.

Palo Cortado

Traditional: foie gas.

Try it with: oysters.

Traditional: anchovies.

Try it with: spicy food.

Pedro Ximénez / PX

Traditional: vanilla ice cream.

Try it with: blue cheese.

NYC Sherry Guide

Find | Wine Shops

Wine shopping at Astor Wine & Spirits

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Crush, Italian Wine Merchants, Astor Wine & Spirits

I know the people and I feel confident of finding what I need here.

Eat | Restaurants

Dinner at Casa Mono

Photograph courtesy of Casa Mono

Casa Mono, Hearth, Pearl & Ash, Tia Pol

Some of my favorite restaurants for drinking sherry. They offer good food and a great environment.

Drink | Wine Bars


One of my favorite wine bars in New York.

Around the country, I also love to drink at Gitane in San Francisco and Curate in Asheville.

SpaIN Sherry Guide

Eat | Restaurants in Madrid

There are so many wonderful places, but there are some my favorites.

Chipirones at Vinoteca García de la Navarra

Photograph courtesy of Vinoteca García de la Navarra


You must try the eggs and truffles with Palo Cortado.

Vinoteca García de la Navarra

Their oxtail paired with oloroso or the baby squids with onion with Palo Cortado are delicious.


It’s a Japanese restaurant where spicy tuna tartar or toro tataki paired with Amontillado is superb.

Sherry at La Venencia in Madrid

Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.

Drink | Wine & Sherry Bars

Drinking sherry in Spain, I love drinking at:

- La Venencia in Madrid

- El Bichero in Jerez (

- El Faro in Cádiz (

- Las Teresas in Seville.

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