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Gabrio’s recommendations on where to eat and drink in New York and Italy.


Wine/Liquor Retailer

Lower East Side

30 Clinton Street

New York, NY 10002 (view map)

T: 212.228.0073



Mon: closed

Tue - Sat: 12pm - 10pm

Sun: 12pm - 9pm

De-Vino Wine Boutique

On first blush, it would be easy to just classify Gabrio Tosti di Valminuta’s Lower East Side wine store as Italian-focused. But that wouldn’t do Gabrio or the store justice. You’ll find that he has stocked the shelves with wines he understands, that are not overly manipulated, ones he enjoys. His picks definitely have a traditional, old world bent, and that’s just find with us. You’ll find traditional Barolos, unique Lambruscos, the quirky orange wines from Gravner, classic Rhones, and some of his favorite Burgundies. Don’t get him started on Champagne, because he has a soft spot for bubbles.

Wine from De-Vino Wine Boutique
He works hard to pick out his selections. He has to, because he doesn’t have the luxury of a large space. For each of the wines, he’ll take days tasting, thinking, comparing before he opts to put a new wine on the shelf. To make the cut, a wine will have to have the right balance of quality, price, and provenance.

Gabrio’s route from Italy to the wine retail business in the Lower East Side began in Rome, where he was raised. His parents had a small vineyard in the Maremma in Tuscany, so wine was part of their everyday life and especially every meal.

His didn’t go into the wine business right away. Instead, he spent 15 years spinning records as a DJ in Rome, but eventually decided to follow his sister to New York to work at her East Village restaurant, Il Bagatto, and subsequently the wine bar next door, Il Posto Accanto.

After always being the go-to guy to choose wines at dinners and special occasions, Gabrio decided to use that knowledge to sell his favorite picks. In 2005, Gabrio opened up De Vino on Clinton Street. The store is a true expression of the wines he knows best. So if you are in the neighborhood or need a unique bottle of wine, drop by the store and elicit Gabrio’s assistance. He won’t steer you wrong.


Gabrio’s recommendations on where to eat and drink in New York and Italy.