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Tribeca - New york, NY

Wine/Liquor Retailer


148 Chambers Street

New York, NY 10007 (view map)

T: 212-227-1434

F: 212-227-7890



Wine and food are debated by the staff at Chambers Street Wines the way the success and failure of sports teams are debated in offices. The Monday morning topic of choice is the wine and food that were consumed over the weekend, whether in restaurants or at home. There is a passionate belief at Chambers Street Wines.

The owners, David Lillie and Jamie Wolff, have strong assertions and hire an impassioned team of wine lovers. If you are looking for some of the best inexpensive, interesting, original wines, this is the place. If you are looking for old wines from Piedmont (Barolo or Barbaresco), this the place. If you are looking for a varied selection of red or white Burgundy, both values and classics, this is the place. David Lillie, while a well known Loire Valley aficionado, is also a bit of a scotch fiend. The scotch selections behind the “bar” show the store’s beliefs in small, interesting finds that may not be publicized too much.

David and Jamie opened the store in June 2001, trusting that New Yorkers would appreciate authentic, naturally made wines from artisanal producers. They believe in finding wines that express their origins and the commitment of the winemakers. David received his wine education schlepping cases for 15 years at Garnet Wines and experienced two careers that drove his dedication to good, inexpensive wine: growing apples in Vermont and touring with a jazz orchestra. Jamie discovered his fondness for wine through an epiphany with a bottle of Robert Chevillon’s 1985 Nuits Chaignots, and by owning a house for 8 years in the central Loire Valley (in Touraine, near Cheverny). Before meeting David and forming their partnership, Jamie tasted a fantastic range of rare and mature wines while working at Christie’s Auction Wine Department.

In addition to the two dedicated owners, the staff employed at the store is an energetic, passionate crew. Just take a tour of the store with one of the sales team or ask for a recommendation based on a meal you are planning, and you’ll receive a wealth of information and recommendations.

They have free tastings two times a week, generally on Fridays and Saturdays, which are a great opportunity to try new interesting wines and very often more expensive wines you might not generally dig deep for. Check their website for the latest tasting and event schedule.


Chambers Street Wines’ recommendations for where to eat and drink in around the world.



- Wine Director John Slover (Ciano & Bar Henry in New York, NY)

- Sommelier Levi Dalton

- Sommelier Michael Madrigale (Bar Boulud & Boulud Sud in New York, NY)

- Wine Importer: Andre Tamers

- Winemakers: Jean-François Bourdy


Chambers Street Wines’ recommendations for where to eat and drink in around the world.