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Italian Imports

From: Gustiamo

Buy your mom the pasta Mario Batali’s Del Posto uses on their menu. Gustiamo seeks out small traditional producers in Italy and imports everything from pastas, to Chianti vinegar, to coffee, to capers.



Rare Ingredients

& Tools

From: Le Sanctuaire

Recommended by Los Angeles chef Suzanne Goin, they sell everything from tableware, to oils and vinegars, to molecular gastronomy tools.



Exclusive Custom-Made

Spice Blend

From: La Boîte

Give mom her own spice blend. Only three people per year have the unique opportunity to collaborate with spice blender to the star chefs, Lior Lev Sercarz. And when her blend is finished, Lior can arrange for one of his famous chef clients to prepare a dinner for her, using her exclusive spice mixture.

Buy: email at



From: Bee Raw Honey

With flavors like blueberry, sourwood, star thistle, wild raspberry, sage, and cranberry, this is not your ordinary supermarket liquid. Bee Raw works with artisanal beekeepers, resulting in a spectrum of colors and flavors.



Key Lime Pie

From: Randy’s Key Lime Pies

No matter where you live in the country, you can have Randy’s award-winning authentic homemade Florida Key Lime pie sent right to your mom’s door.




From: Mari’s Brownies

Beautifully packaged mini bite-sized morsels of rich and chewy goodness, Mari’s homemade brownies come in six signature flavors: Classic (or Classic with Nuts), Caramel Sea Salt, Coconut, Thai Coffee, Heat, and Blonde Bombshell.



Deli-Style Gift Baskets

From: Zingerman’s

Cookbook author Joan Nathan loves their pastrami and baked goods. They also sell handmade cheeses, varietal coffee and loads of gift baskets like the Reuben Sandwich Kit and the Spanish Artisan Collection.



Southern Foods

From: The Lee Bros.

A Southern food assortment from cookbook authors Matt & Ted Lee. The range goes from boiled peanuts, to hard-to-find preserves and relishes, to barbecue sauces.



Smoked Seafood

From: Browne Trading Company

The top chefs in the country, like Daniel Boulud, Eric Ripert, David Pasternack, Thomas Keller and Tom Colicchio buy their seafood here.

A great gift is the Chef's Choice Smoked Seafood Sampler, featuring four different types of smoked fish.




From: Bespoke Chocolates

Hand-made chocolates using ingredients from the local farmers market. Flavor range from French Milk Chocolate with oozing ganache, to Hazelnut Praline, to the outstanding signature truffle Pretzel-Covered Sea Salted Caramel.



Mother’s Day Edible Gift Ideas