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Shun 8” Chef Knife

“It’s super versatile. I like the weight of it and it holds a really good edge. I’m pretty hard on knives and they seem to last.”

Recommended by: Chef Tim Love

Price: from $119.50


.300 Winchester

Short Magnum

“It’s what I hunt with.”

Recommended by: Chef Tim Love

Price: $999.99


All Clad Stainless

Open Stir Fry Wok

“It’s 3-ply, which conducts heat best. It’s flat bottom, which is important because no one has a real wok burner at home. It’s also best for stir frying because it has two handles.”

Recommended by: Chef Ming Tsai, Blue Ginger Restaurant

Price: from $179.95


Diffords Cocktail Guides

“Indexed and cross-referenced by spirit, cocktail and  rating of cocktail. It also includes pictures of every single cocktail.”

Recommended by: Fred Dexheimer, Master Sommelier / Mixologist

Price: ~ $25

Mobile guides also available.


Stemmed Mixing Glass

It’s based on a design from Japanese bartender Kazuo Uyeda with the purpose of keeping your stirred cocktail cold. Since you hold the glass with the stem, you don’t warm the drink with the touch of your hand.

Recommended by: Jim Meehan, mixologist and partner at PDT

Price: $82.95


Pug! Muddler

“We use our PUG! muddler to not only muddle, but also crack cardamom, crack ice, and even make guacamole! Each PUG! is completely handcrafted and beautifully made.” More...

Recommended by: Avery and Janet Glasser, creators of Bittermens Bitters

Price: $35- $85


For The Cocktail Lover...


“It’s basically Pappy Van Winkle. It’s that old wheated recipe. It’s just super super tasty and it’s half the price of Pappy Van Winkle.”

Recommended by: Chef Sean Brock of McCrady’s and Husk

Price: from ~$20


For The Grill Master...

The Hot Pot BBQ

Ideal for urban livers with limited outside room who don’t want an unsightly barbecue taking up space, especially when it’s only used in the summer season.

Recommended by: Dan Black, industrial designer

Price: $117.90


Professional Grade Vegetable Basket

“The grill basket is an essential tool. Great for stir fries, marinated vegetables, homestyle potatoes.”

Recommended by: Chris Lilly, pitmaster

Price: $19


For The Home Chef...

Giachi Primolio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

“I really like it. I’ve been using it for almost a decade. I never cook with it, it’s too precious to cook with. Always use as a finishing.”

Recommended by: Chef Iacopo Falai of Falai restaurant + Chef Lucais Syme of La Quercia in Vancouver, BC

Price: $26


Hickory Smoked Country Bacon

“Nobody uses as much smoke as he does. It is outrageous. If you put the tiniest amount of Benton’s bacon into anything, it’s like MSG, it just makes it incredible.”

Recommended by: Chef Sean Brock + Chef Matt Jennings + Chef Jose Garces + Chef George Mendes

Price: $24

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For The Wine Lover...

Secrets Of the Sommeliers

“It’s a really nice profile of people, of why wine matters, how people got emotional about it, and different producers.”

Recommended by: Sommeliers Richard Betts + Mark Bright

Price: $20


For The Hunter & Fisherman...

Dexter Knives

“They are made for professionals. If you go on a fishing boat, they all use Dexter. If you go to most fish markets around the country, they use Dexters. They maintain an edge really well and are not overly expensive.”

Recommended by: Chef Dave Pasternack

Price: from $16.50


Sherry Of the Month Club

“Sherry is the umami of the wine world. If you let your guard down and realize that it’s one of the most versatile food wines, and also a really great aperitif, you’ll just want to have a glass of sherry all the time.”

Recommended by: André Tamers, wine importer, De Maison Selections

Price: $60 per month


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