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One of the best kept secrets amongst chefs and bartenders is the late night pop-up ramen restaurant called Benkei. At midnight, the Lower East Side restaurant Hill & Dale transforms into Benkei, offering a menu with seven different ramens, as well as gyoza, chicken karaage and edamame appetizers. Chefs like Ryan Hardy from Charlie Bird, the kitchen staff from Blue Ribbon Sushi and Uncle Boons, and bartenders from Estela and Attaboy are just a few of the industry folks slurping noodles late into the night.

Japanese born chef Ito Shigeru trained in California with ramen masters at Yamadaya in Torrance and Mottainai in Gardena, when the owner of New York’s Ushiwakamaru offered him the opportunity to take over his restaurant late night. He began in early 2013, but recently moved to Hill & Dale. Owner and chef Justin Farmer was a fan of Benkei and offered him the space. “I was a frequent customer of Benkei at Ushiwakamaru. I love his pure pork flavors in his tonkotsu stock. I think his ramen is one of the best in the city.”

Ramen Noodles from Sun Noodles

Photograph courtesy of Sun Noodles

Shigeru uses four different kinds of ramen noodles which he buys from Sun Noodles. “I used the same noodles when I worked at Yamadaya, because they specialize the noodles for you.”

The ramen dishes range from $12 to $17 and they have a “Benkei Get Drunk Special” -- an Asahi beer and Evan Williams shot for $7. If you’re more of an early bird, come on Sundays when Benkei opens at 5pm.

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Dark Men Ramen at Tabata Ramen

Photograph courtesy of Tabata Ramen

Tabata Ramen

“The owner used to live in Japan, where he learned to make ramen in Japan. He is from Burma in Southeast Asia. His ramen is very delicate, very Japanese, and not too salty or greasy.”

540 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10018
T: 212.290.7691 |

Terakawa Ramen

Photo Credit: Eden, Janine and Jim [flickr]

Terakawa Ramen
“They make great ramen here with really good broth and they specialize in tonkotsu.”

18 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10010

T: 212.777.2939 |

Santouka Ramen at Mitsuwa

Photo Credit: Bing [flickr]

Santouka Ramen at Mitsuwa

“The ramen master who taught me is from Santouka, he was master chef. I love their broth.”

595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020

T: 201.941.9113 |



Photograph courtesy of Sakagura


“I think it is one of the best in the city for sake and appetizers.”

211 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10017

T: 212.953.7253

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Benkei Ramen at Hill & Dale - Lower East Side

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