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Photograph courtesy of Cómodo

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Classic Brazilian

Rice & Beans at Rice ‘N Beans

Photograph courtesy of Rice ‘N Beans

Rice & Beans

“It’s owned by a lady named Sally and they have great food. They have a Brazilian chef named Carlos and he makes all the Brazilian standards: a great stroganoff, a fantastic Pao de Quiejo (cheese bread), and  great desserts.”

- Steve Luttmann of Leblon

744 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10019

T: 212.265.4444 |


“It a very traditional, almost boteco environment, which is a neighborhood spot that is something of a mix between a restaurant and a bar which casual with good food and drinks. Order the Pao de Queijo (a dish from Minas Gerais).”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

45 Richardson Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

T: 718.599.1645 |

Churrascaria | Brazilian Steakhouse

The Picanha Cut at Texas de Brazil

Photograph courtesy of Texas de Brazil

Texas De Brazil

“Come for a a classic Brazilian churrascaria experience. They’re definitely the best churrascaria in New York City with really high quality meat and a great salad bar. They also have a great cocktail list of cachaça cocktails.”

- Steve Luttmann of Leblon

1011 3rd Avenue, New York, NY 10065

T: 212.537.0060 |

Churrascaria Plataforma

“For very traditional churrasco, Plataforma is great. It is what it is, but they are very good at doing it. It’s a very common Brazilian experience. Eating meat is very deep into the Brazilian culture. You eat meat almost for breakfast. That’s a good experience.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

316 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019

T: 212.245.0505 |

Fusion & Elevated Latin Cuisine

Fusion Latin at Cómodo

Photograph courtesy of Cómodo


“It’s Brazilian, Argentinian inspired. It’s more fusion and elevated cuisine. They have some pretty interesting dishes that invoke a lot of that culture. The chef’s name is Felipe Donnelly. The food is very good in a nice environment.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

58 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012

T: 646.580.3866 |

For The Cachaça Selection

Passionfruit Caipirinhas at Oficina Latina

Photograph courtesy of Oficina Latina

Oficina Latina

“The food is more Pan Latin and South American and they have a large selection of cachaça. They make good drinks and their food is good.”

- Steve Luttmann of Leblon

24 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012

T: 646.381.2555 |

Caracas Arepa Bar Brooklyn

“It is Venezualan food and they have an amazing list of rums. It’s an insane rum list. They also have a flight of cachaça with Avuá and Leblon in it and there are cocktails associated with it as well. They do an amazing job of working with those spirits, which is so cool to see.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

291 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

T: 718.218.6050 |

For The Caipirinhas

Caipirinhas at Berimbau Do Brasil

Photograph courtesy of Berimbau Do Brasil

Berimbau Do Brasil

“They make really, really good classic Caipirinhas and they have a great collection of cachaça. It’s more of a traditional, more classic Brazilian restaurant.”

- Steve Luttmann of Leblon

43 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014

T: 212.242.2606 |

Brazilian homestyle cooking at Casa

Photograph courtesy of Casa

Casa Restaurant

“A nice little cozy place and a great spot in the West Village. They do a menu of about 8 caipirinhas with different fruits. I really love the homestyle Brazilian food. The staff is great.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

72 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014

T: 212.366.9410 |

Best Caipirinhas at a Irish Bar

The Dead Rabbit

“Interestingly enough, they make one of the best caipirinhas.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

30 Water Street, New York, NY 10004

T: 646.422.7906 |

For Live Music & Samba

Miss Favela

“I really like Miss Favela. It’s where the idea for Avua started a decade ago having our first caipirinha here. Favela references the Brazilian ghettos. They do a live Samba brunch with live music, a great vibe and energy.

The food is good here, but it more of a fun vibe. Saturday or Sunday later afternoon, they have live music. It is a great place to experience. They so live Samba and pitchers of caipirinhas.”

- Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá

57 South 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249

T: 718.230.4040 |


By Pete Nevenglosky of Avuá Cachaça & Steve Luttmann of Leblon Cachaça