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Barbara Lynch Gruppo - Boston, MA


Wine Director and wine buyer for Barbara Lynch Gruppo in Boston which includes restaurants: No. 9 Park, Butcher Shop, B&G Oysters, Sportello, Menton.


She creates wine lists with a point of view, believes strongly in educating her team, and can never say no to bubbles.

Wine Director Cat Silirie | Restaurant Recommendations

August 4, 2010


Restaurant Recs

Photograph courtesy of No. 9 Park | Photo Credit: Justin Ide | Photograph courtesy of B & G Oyster Bar

Recommended By

- Sommelier Levi Dalton


Italian / French

Beacon Hill

9 Park Street

Boston, MA 02108

T: 617.742.9991 (make a reservation)




South End

550 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02118

T: 617.423.0550 (make a reservation)



Wine Bar / Butcher Shop

South End

552 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02118

T: 617.423.4800




Fort Point Channel

348 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02110

T: 617.737.1234 (make a reservation)




Fort Point Channel

354 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02110

T: 617.737.0099 (make a reservation)





Wine Director’s Recs

Drink | Favorite Wine Lists

New York | Terroir

I would never go to New York without visiting Terroir. I just thought that was one of my favorite wine lists ever, the graphics Paul Grieco does with Steven Solomon. Talk about an opinionated wine list. He would be a good textbook example of a wine list with a point of view.

[See details.]

San Francisco | The Slanted Door

And a similar idea in San Francisco, I could never go to San Francisco without going to The Slanted Door. I love the way the food and the wine there combine. You are right at the heart of wine country and there is no California wine on the list; only Austria, Germany, Loire Valley, and Champagne. The wine is unbelievable with those Vietnamese flavors.

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Eat | Restaurants In The Boston Area

Cambridge | Oleana

An amazing, amazing restaurant. Chef Ana Sortun grew up in Seattle, WA, but somehow fell in love with Turkish / Moroccan / Greek cuisine and spicing. Spices from the ancient Mediterranean are her passion. Her husband is a small farmer in Sudbury, MA, so it is an unbelievable place to eat vegetables, especially in the summer. He grows them all for the restaurant and then they are always unusually seasoned and spiced. It is so inventive, but so natural and good. Her wine program is also great. Her wine director, who is Hawaiian, Teresa Paopao, has been with her for years.

[See details.]

Brookline | Taberna

It's very traditional, authentic Spanish cuisine. Deborah Hansen, who was in Madrid for ten years, is the chef / owner and also the wine buyer. There is so much to discover on her wine list, they have almost 250 Spanish wines, divided into Traditional, Modern, and Post Modern. It is a real family style taberna (tavern) with perfect traditional food. She does all the cooking and the hosting and she makes a paella with squid ink, so it is all black - it is amazing with Priorat or Rioja. She also has great Spanish cheeses and amazing oil.

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Eat | Restaurants Around The World

London | Les Trois Garcons

I love so much -- it’s just so stylish. The decor is perfect, fun, English camp. There is a lot of taxidermy wearing tiaras and they have antique handbags all strung from the ceiling. The food is delicious and quite elegant.

[See details.]

London | Lounge Lizard

Around the corner from Les Trois Garcons, it’s filled with sixties vintage furniture and it’s fun to drink champagne there.

[See details.]

Vienna | Wieninger Heuriger

A family run, very traditional heuriger (tavern), owned by the Wieninger family for more than three generations. They have vineyards right in Vienna. There’s this amazing vineyard on a hill called the Neusberg that is still all planted to vines and the winery is underneath the restaurant. It’s buffet style, but it is the best Wiener Schnitzel and traditional Austrian food with casks of Gruner Veltliner right on the bar. They also have a beautiful outdoor terrace. We don’t have anything like it in the US.

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Drink | Favorite Wine Stores

Boston | Wine Bottega

I really do love the Wine Bottega, owned by Karie Platt. It’s in the North End, and shares a passion, an editorial, and a point of view. It’s mostly Italian, but they don’t limit themselves, there’s French, American, and Austrian. It is one of those small, but super personal stores. Everyone that works there is so passionate. They do the buying together as a group. I really like her mentorship with her team, because you can talk to anybody and they have all tasted the wine. They do the hand-written card thing. It is the kind of super personal wine store that I like.

[See details.]

San Francisco | Terroir

It is really all natural wine, part of the movement, run by two French characters, who definitely have a very French aspect to their service.

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Find | Favorite Markets

Los Angeles, CA | Santa Monica Farmers Market

Any farmers market in California - Santa Barbara and Santa Monica. It’s a dream. The Santa Monica market is just so much fun. It is right in a neighborhood where you can imagine how healthy life must seem with the ocean right there and everybody’s out buying all these amazing vegetables in January. It is one of my favorite parts of my California trips.

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Barcelona | Mercat de la Boqueria

I dream about it. I love sitting in the stalls in the bars in the back, which are wonderful.

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