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F.E.D. Holiday Gift Guide - Find. Eat. Drink.


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Holiday Gift Guide - 2011

Stemmed Mixing Glass & Japanese Trident Barspoon

Recommended By: Mixologist Jim Meehan

Why: Based on a design from Japanese bartender Kazuo Uyeda with the purpose of keeping your stirred cocktail cold.

Price: $82.95

Buy: Mixing Glass | Barspoon

Imbibe Magazine

Recommended By: Bartenders Jim Meehan, Ciaran Wiese, Mike Ryan, Chris Hannah, Brooks Reitz and Bittermens Bitters

Why: “Imbibe is a great magazine and certainly has their finger on the pulse of all imbibe-able liquids - coffee, beer, spirits, etc.”

Price: $20 for one year

Buy: Subscription

Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liquor

Recommended By: Bartender Thad Vogler

Why: “Maraschino is a classic ingredient that shows up countless times in all the great old books. With this version, we finally see a dry aromatic version that you would be proud to serve straight, as well as in a a mixed drink.”

Price: $82.95

Buy: At These Retailers

Bittermens Spirits

Why: A range of liqueurs produced by the team who created Bittermens Bitters. Flavors range from bitter orange, gentian root and a tonic cordial. For the season, try the limited addition, cinnamon focused Hiver Amer.

Price: $30

Buy: From DrinkUpNY

Book | Boozehound: On the Trail of the Rare, the Obscure, and the Overrated in Spirits

Recommended By: Bartender Chris Hannah

Why: Combination spirits history, recipes and travelogue, Jason Wilson is a champion for Old World liquors with hard-to-define flavors.

Price: $22.99