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Bartender Brooks Reitz, co-founder of Jack Rudy Cocktail Co., is on a mission to “take the products that would have been in my great-grandfather's bar cabinet and reinvent them for a modern drinker.” His first product on the shelf was an artisan tonic syrup. “Since it isn't carbonated, it won't go bad between drinks, and most bars are going through a consistent amount of soda water, so the carbonation stays strong throughout the night.”

This month, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. introduces their Small Batch Grenadine. “I have spent, literally, the last year tracking down an awesome source for pomegranate juice, which I finally found through a small family farm in Madera, California. I was dead set on using their product and found that we couldn't make it work in South Carolina, so we are producing the Grenadine in their backyard in Napa Valley.”

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The juice is made through a patented press and then Brooks adds cane sugar, which is heated, and orange flower water to give it a bright, almost tropical taste.

“Many bars in the states don't have access to great grenadine, and many don't have the time to make their own. Home cocktail aficionados have largely been without access to some of the best classic cocktails there are because of the lack of access to a great grenadine. I think we are solving both of those issues by creating an all natural, elegant grenadine made with real pomegranate that and not much else. It’s a product that preserves the natural zip of that fruit and brings that brightness to cocktails.”

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Photo Credit: Find. Eat. Drink.