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Tips From Bartender Todd Thrasher


Photographs courtesy of Kold Draft

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- Bartender Todd Thrasher (PX, Restaurant Eve and TNT in Alexandria, VA)

Bartender’s Tip | Ice

I'm not a massive ice proponent. I think ice serve its purpose and I use a few different ices. For a gin and tonic, I use tonic water ice cubes. For things that I don’t want a lot of dilution, I do use big blocks of ice. But I'm not such a proponent on all these different shapes of ice and everything going on in the ice world. I know it’s like blasphemy for some people, but it's ice. It serves its purpose.

Making Clear Ice At Home

The easiest way to make clean, beautiful, crystal clear ice at home, is use distilled water or boil the water before you freeze it. Bring the water to a boil. When it comes up to the boil, all the gases are released, and you'll make beautiful ice at home. It won't have those little bubbles and most of the time, it'll be clear.

At home, I use cake tins, like a loaf pan and I just use an ice pick to chip off chunks of ice.

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