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Uchi & Uchiko

Uchi is a modern Japanese restaurant and sushi bar with fresh seasonal ingredients and unique flavor combinations served in an inviting comfortable space of a 1920's bungalow home in Austin, TX.

Uchiko is the child of Uchi. Most of the entirely new menu is made up of dishes we've created at Uchi over the last 7 years, with some new changes and unexpected presentations. It's Uchi food in every way, but in a brand new space and more spacious kitchen for us to play! Paul Qui, the chef de cuisine of Uchi, will be the Executive Chef of Uchiko, and his food that he's learned and evolved at Uchi is going to be at the forefront of the Uchiko menu with influences from all over southeast Asia.

The Food

What truly exemplifies "Uchi" style-cuisine is a balanced combination of acid, sweet, savory, spice and textural components.

Any of the items on our tasting menus, specifically, the Maguro Sashimi with Fuji Apples, Texas goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil; or the Applewood Smoked Kanpachi with yucca crisps, Korean pear, Marcona almonds, white soy and gold raisin.

Why Japanese

It wasn't the food, it was the people. I was taken by the amount of respect they had for each other. It was a new light, and I wanted to bathe in it. The love for the food and sushi came soon there after.

The Challenge

Breaking through. It took desire, focus, patience and stamina. I just wanted to be accepted in what I was doing. I guess it was the perfectionist Virgo side of me that took over. I just can't stand it when someone tells me no, or I can't make things like I think they'll be best. Control freak!


We try as hard as we can to make everything we serve sustainable. Sometimes though, it's hard because of cost. We don't have the freedom to pass on that cost to our customers like they do in Vegas. The same reason you don't meet many people on welfare that only eat organic.

Adding A Taste Of Texas

We use of local produce and smoke a thing or two. Texas taste to me is Tex/Mex and BBQ. I guess our Uchiviche is kinda Mexican ceviche inspired.


I love ice cold junmai daiginjo sake with raw giant prawns and urchin.

People/chefs should pay just as much attention to the temperature of what they serve as wine people do to their glass wear.

Chef’s Tools | Knives

I really like both Inox and Nenox brands. I love my Nenox Yo-Deba because of its versatility. Japanese knives are crafted by masters and are godlike. I've sharpened them for 15 years, and I'm still learning.

Chef’s Ingredients

Skyr yogurt from Iceland, Tonka beans, Blue fish, Harissa, Coconut milk, Kikurage.

Chef’s Sushi Tips

- Only fill soy dish a bit. Just enough so dish will be empty when you are done. Never waste anything.

- Eat all sushi with your hands in one bite.

- Don’t mix wasabi into soy - it's amateur.

- Pickled ginger is to cleanse your palette, not to put on the fish.

- Order sushi in small increments; it stays fresher that way.

- If possible, always sit at the sushi bar. The chefs always have a "stash" reserved for the customers in front of them... I always did!

Chef’s Austin Guide

- Banh Mi at Tam's Deli.

- Artichoke dip at Bartlett’s.

- Fried olives at Fino.

- White pizza at Asti Trattoria.

- Croissants at La Boite.

- Tom-Yum at Titaya’s.

- Peking duck at Dinho.

- Pho at Sunflower.

- Nigiri at Tomodachi.

East Side King

This is my chef de cuisine's place, it's a trailer, and his food is the best wherever it's served.

Bill Norris at Fino is unreal.

Chef’s Recipes

- Ao Saba




General Information




801 South Lamar Boulevard

Austin, TX 78704

T: 512.916.4808 (make a reservation)



Central Austin


4200 North Lamar Boulveard

Austin, TX 78757

T: 512.916.4808 (make a reservation)




Uchi: The Cookbook

Available on Amazon.com




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