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Q & A

Foreign & Domestic

Hyde Park / Highland / Hancock

New American

306 East 53rd Street

Austin, TX 78751

T: 512.459.1010



Tue- Thu: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Fri - Sat: 5:30pm - 10:00pm




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Austin, TX

Q & A with Chefs Ned & Jodi Elliott

Q. Picking from your own menu, what dishes would make up your perfect meal?

A. A perfect meal for me at Foreign and Domestic would be to start with either popovers or the gougeres, followed by the venison heart tartare. Next a fish course, which would be a plate of the scallops and squid baked in ink with morcilla, pickled peppers, and almonds. 

Q. Your drinks menu / wine list seems very focused. Talk about your point of view and perspective:

A. Our drinks and wine list is limited because of storage space. I also think that for a restaurant of our size we wanted to remain concise and focused in all aspects of the guests experience. I love certain Spanish and French wines and those varietals are represented on the list. We also saw that when the list was bigger, whether it was beer or wine, several of the items never sold.

Q. You’ve worked in some really upscale restaurants, what do you take from those experience to Foreign and Domestic and what do you leave behind?

A. First off, from the cooking part, we tried to take away the attention to detail, quality of ingredients, and most importantly technique, plus an all around sense of urgency.

From the guests perspective, we have kept the decor comfortable, but minimal. We wanted the experience to be fun, not stuffy and a great bargain.


Photographs courtesy of Foreign & Domestic


Ned & Jodi’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Austin, Portland, New York and Paris.

Advice / Tips

Kitchen | Essential Secret Weapon


Our secret weapon is forethought. We are always thinking ahead and that has helped us to avoid some major catastrophes with being a new restaurant.


We also love using the pacojet, from ice creams, powders, oils, and the what not.

[See details.]

Kitchen | Short Cuts

1. Freezing bacon to be able to slice it paper thin on a slicer. This way the fat doesn't melt.

2. When making caramelized onions, adding a little agave nectar to add sweetness, depth of flavor, and color.

3. Pureeing soups -- we like to make soups based upon a single flavor. We then cook that vegetable or ingredient several different ways and puree in a Vita-Mix for a long time, meaning 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The result is something silky smooth.

4. We add kombu to all of our stocks, which adds a great umami depth.


Portland, OR

Eat | Restaurants

Ken’s Artisan Pizza | Ned Ludd

Photographs courtesy of Ken’s Artisan Pizza | Ned Ludd

Not To Be missed | Ken’s Artisan Pizza

For a caesar salad, vegetable plate, sopressata pizza with Calabrian chiles, and whatever crisp or cobbler for dessert.

Not To Be missed | Ned Ludd

Get the pickle plate, sorrel gratin, any pork and trout entrees, they are always stellar, and the panna cotta. It’s a great place and Jason French is an awesome cook, totally underrated.

[See details.]


Austin, TX

Find | Markets & Stores

Downtown Farmers Market

We love to go to the Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays.  

Boggy Creek

Every Wednesday with Billie Van, she loves the chickens.

Madina Market | Indian Food Stuffs

We love finding little obscure ethnic shops and markets, such as a place off of Research Boulevard, that just says, 'Indian Food Stuffs'.  You can get Jaggery and assorted pickles there. 

[See details.]

Eat | Restaurants

Backspace | Salt Lick BBQ | Home Slice

Photo Credits: Liang Shi [flickr] | Salt Lick BBQ | ercwttmn [flickr]

Where The Locals Go | Home Slice Pizza

One of our ‘go to’ family spots. It’s New York street pizza, but it’s taken to a level of Patsy’s and Grimaldi’s.

Where The Locals Go | Backspace

The other of our ‘go to’ family spots. It has very good brick oven pizza.

[See details.]

Iconic Texas Food | Salt Lick BBQ

For barbecue brisket -- I love the pork ribs.

[See details.]

Late Night

Sam’s BBQ or East Side King at the Grackle Bar.

[See details.]

Drink | Bars

Deep Eddy Cabaret

Good dive bar for cold beer.

Butterfly Bar

Cool little East Side spot to sit outside for a beer, where they have a bunch of chicken coops.  

Dive Bar & Lounge

It’s new and great.

Liberty | The Grackle

Where a lot of young cooks and chefs hang. Smattering of fake ID’s, but it’s fun for drinks. A Schlitzer, PBR and a few shots of bourbon. Eat pork buns and chicken karaage.

[See details.]

Drink | Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee | Thunderbird Coffee

Photo courtesy of Houndstooth Coffee | Thunderbird Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee

Awesome for coffee. These guys are French pressing every glass.


They have a single cup bar with Intelligentsia coffee.

Casa Brasil

We carry Casa Brasil’s Peaberry Reserve at the restaurant. It’s very good and unique, without being over the top.

[See details.]



Ruhlman’s Ratio App & Cookbooks

A favorite cheat sheet is Ruhlmans Ratio App and the a plethora of professional cookbooks that we own (over 500).

[See details.]


Details of Ned & Jodi’s recommendations for where to eat, drink and shop in Austin, Portland, New York and Paris.


- Ham Hock Broth


New York, NY

Eat | Restaurants

Russ & Daughters | Yakitori Totto | The Doughnut Plant

Photographs courtesy of Russ & Daughters | Find. Eat. Drink. | The Doughnut Plant


For pies and Peroni’s.

Land Marc Tribeca

For a bottle of a Loire Valley red and a big rib eye.


The food is so badass. I love when they have the suckling pig with polenta. Sweet, sour, salty, crispy, creamy -- all the textures and all the flavors that you want.

Yakitori Totto

For late night and chicken.

[See details.]

Eat | Deli

Russ & Daughter’s

On a weekend morning to get breakfast foods.

[See details.]

Eat | Doughnuts

Doughnut Plant

I love their grapefruit glaze and the one with fresh pomegranate seeds on top and pomegranate molasses inside the doughnut.

Bagels & Bad Coffee

And we crave good bagels and bad coffee on a train from Brooklyn to Manhattan.

[See details.]


Paris, France

Tete De Veau at Spring | Provencal Beef Stew at Les Cocottes

Photographs courtesy of TelepathicParanoia [flickr] | Stephan Maloman [flickr]

Eat | Restaurants


Just great food -- it’s small, with a kitchen counter and you can see the chef and the dishwasher. Not touristy.

Le Chateaubriand

Just lots of different flavors.


Chef Daniel Rose is from Chicago and it’s very high end, yet salt of the earth.

Les Cocottes

Near the Eiffel Tower, everything is very pristine and at the same time rustic.

[See details.]


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