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240 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10001 (view map)

T: 212.242.4730

Here’s how you say it: “chee-kee-toe.” It means “little” in Euskara, the Basque language. It’s all about the “little” here - small restaurant and small plates. There are three categories on the menu; beroak (hot items); hotzak, (cold items); and pintxoak (finger food), ranging from simple to sophisticated.


Chef Lolo Manso (La Nacional, Socarrat Wine Bar, Socarrat Paella Bar, NYC)

53 West 19th Street, New York 10011 (view map)

T: 212.255.4160

171 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012 (view map)

T: 212.343.4255

Chef Seamus Mullen studied in some of Spain’s top notch restaurants, like Mugaritz in San Sebastian, and Barcelona’s Abac and Alkimia before returning to open Boqueria. His mixture of Catalonian and Basque tapas wins the respect of fellow chefs all over the country.


Cesare Casella (Salumeria Rosi, NYC): “It's a fun place, the food is great and the atmosphere is wonderful!”

Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa, Boston): “Holy crap, is it tasty. This dude knows how to put flavors together. Classic tapas done with the attention and innovation another cook would want.  I can't go to NYC with out stopping in.”

125 East 17th Street, New York, NY 10003 (view map)

T: 212.253.2773 (make a reservation)

Casa Mono is Mario Batali's Spanish ode to the ever-popular Cal Pep tapas bar in Barcelona. Small, lively, and always bustling, the cafe features Catalan cuisine and a wine list with over 600 Spanish labels. Chef Andy Nusser, who traded in his engineering career for cooking, spent his youth growing up in the fishing village of Cadaqués, along Spain's Costa Brava.


Chef Gabe Thompson (dell’anima, Anfora, L’Artusi NYC): “They make food that makes me want to die in a food coma. The fideos are slamming and the service is great.”

Sommelier Joe Campanale (dell’anima, Anfora, L’Artusi NYC): “The food is some of my favorite and the best Spanish wine list (by far) in the city.”

Chef Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa, Boston): “Wicked good. This place is so much fun to eat at. Curious combinations, always gonna have marrow and feet. I love bones and toes.”

Chef Bill Telepan (Telepan, NYC)

Chef Tyson Cole (Uchi, Uchiko, Austin)

401 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.206.6900

This doll house-sized tapas bar in West Chelsea serves traditional Spanish tapas and regional wines. Bilbao-born-and-raised chef Eder Montero and his wife, chef Alex Raij were the original team, but left to open Txikito a block away, and have recently returned as the new owners. The Uni Panini (sea urchin sandwich) has garnered a loyal cult following.


Chef Jason Hall (Gotham Bar & Grill, NYC): “I enjoy the baguette with spicy liver porky pate, pan con tomate, and their great cheeses. My go-to spot.”


El Quinto Pino

239 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.243.9308

La Nacional counts chocolate guru Jacques Torres, and tapas chefs Eder Montero and Alex Raij (both chef/owners of Txikito and El Quinto Pino) among its fans. Housed in the basement of the Spanish Benevolent Society, where poet Lorca and Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel hung out, this is about as authentic as it gets in Manhattan. There are two rooms; one a dining room and the other a bar with TV sets playing Spanish sports and older ex-pats drinking Estrella. The recipes are all from the owner Lolo Manso’s mother and grandmother. Great tapas and paella.

259 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.462.1000

One long 24-seat communal table makes up the entirety of this narrow and small restaurant. Named for the sticky, charred rice that crusts on the bottom of a paella pan, the menu is traditional tapas with an accent on paella and fideua (which substitutes fried noodles for rice).


Pastry Chef Julian Plyter (Melt Bakery, NYC): “I've been really impressed by the flan at Socarrat. There are so many bad flans out there, it's almost relieving to see one done so right.”


Socarrat Paella Bar

261 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.462.2244

The Bar de Vinos is the answer to the question of what to do when the next door Socarrat Paella Bar is packed. Get tapas and a glass of wine or sherry at the wine bar and follow up with paella next door. The wine list contains selections from various Spanish regions.

216 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022 (view map)

T: 212.644.1166

Midtown’s answer to an upscale Basque restaurant. Angulas (baby eels), Jamón Serrano, Basque inspired cod dishes and an extensive collection of Spain's D.O.'s, as well as a sherries and Gran Solera Brandies de Jerez.


Chef Lolo Manso (La Nacional, Socarrat Wine Bar, Socarrat Paella Bar, NYC)



113 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.929.9580

The aptly named Spain Restaurant opened in 1967 and everything has pretty much remained intact since the first bowl of gazpacho was served 43 years ago. Step back in time for hearty Spanish fare and a pitcher of sangria.


Chef Joey Campanaro (The Little Owl, Kenmare): “Not so much for the food, but for the history and vibe.”


Spain Restaurant

205 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10011 (view map)

T: 212.675.8805

An all-Spanish wine list and varied regional tapas from Galicia to Andalucía, the Basque Country to Cataluña. Expect some of the greatest hits like patatas bravas, croquetas de jamón, and almonds marconas. But they also serve chorizo con chocolate (palacios chorizo with bittersweet chocolate), xatonada (salt cod carpaccio with romesco), and bocata de loma adobado (pork loin, piquillo and tetilla baguette sandwich).


Chef Lolo Manso (La Nacional, Socarrat Wine Bar, Socarrat Paella Bar, NYC)


Tia Pol


408 Broome Street, New York, NY 10013 (view map)

T: 212.219.5050

From Iberico jamon, to aged manchego, to baby eels, this store is the perfect one-stop shop for all your authentic Spanish needs. The shelves are stocked with canned seafood, spices, preserves, oils, and sweets. The cafe serves bocadillas (sandwiches) and pintxos (finger food).


Pastry Chef Julian Plyter (Melt Bakery, NYC): “Whenever you buy from them, no matter what it is, you can take quality as a foregone conclusion.”

Chef Lolo Manso (La Nacional, Socarrat Wine Bar, Socarrat Paella Bar, NYC)